Young Male Hollywood Stars in the Limelight

Young Male Hollywood Stars in the Limelight

It’s difficult to keep up with the latest movie everyone talks about. Keeping up with the names of talented actors can be even more challenging. Still, keeping track of them can filter the number of films one feels compelled to see.

Ansel Elgort
At a staggering six feet and three inches tall, Ansel Elgort’s career now mimics his height. In Divergent, Elgort played the brother of the main character Beatrice. Elgort expressed internal conflict quite admirably when his character faced backlash from Beatrice for joining a corrupt organization.

More impressively, Elgort took center stage as a talented getaway driver in Baby Driver. He conveyed the confidence, knowledge, and physical skills to execute the role to perfection. He also brings the character to life by ramping up the pace of the dialogue.

Daniel Kaluuya
In Get Out, audiences witnessed an exceptional performance from Daniel Kaluuya. His character, Chris, was a black boyfriend staying with his white girlfriend’s family. At the beginning of the film, Kaluuya’s facial expressions reveal skepticism whenever family members make an awkward comment about black people. His eyes narrow ever so slightly and his jaw drops just a tad. Chris soon discovers that the family uses hypnosis to capture and perform horrific medical transplants on black people. Kaluuya’s sense of terror at this point demonstrates an incredible set of acting skills.

Kaluuya’s role in Black Panther as a security officer allowed the film to have a rich background character. Most people have watched films where the background characters lack any definition or purpose, but Kaluuya prevents this from happening. In the greater context of this actor’s career, no damage will be done to someone who stars in one of the highest grossing films ever.

Nick Robinson
This young actor made his breakthrough in Jurassic World as a teenager visiting a dinosaur theme park at his mother’s request. Robinson provides the aloofness one would expect from a teenager, but he also blends in moments of sensitivity when his character experiences the fear of rampaging dinosaurs.

Robinson’s first major film as a protagonist hit theaters earlier this month. Love, Simon tells the story of a gay high school student who develops an online romantic relationship with one of his classmates. Here, the audience watches Robinson’s range of acting skills in action. For example, his character Simon showcases a kind, friendly, and occasionally vulnerable personality. At one point in the film, someone blackmails Simon and Robinson integrates the response to this threat masterfully.

Tom Holland
In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland made his contribution to rapidly expanding superhero genre. Holland brought a distinct personality to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. This film felt lighter, funnier, and more charming compared to previous films in the franchise, largely due to Holland’s acting style. With his abilities, one can understand why he’s been offered more roles as Spider-Man. For example, the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War will allow Tom Holland to reprise his role.

Josh Hutcherson
Similar to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson made his real breakthrough into the world of acting with The Hunger Games. Hutcherson played Peeta Mellark – perhaps one of the most engaging fictional male characters in the young adult genre. He delivered a performance that captured Peeta’s fiercely protective and sometimes cryptic nature.

In The Disaster Artist, Josh Hutcherson teamed up with experienced actors and actresses including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Alison Brie. Perhaps the grandest complement for Hutcherson would be that he didn’t seem out of place in this pool of talent, which stands as a testament to his individual abilities.

More generally, all of these actors will be fascinating to keep an eye on as they move through their careers. A wise person wouldn’t bet against one or two of these actors claiming an Oscar one day.

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By: Kishan Patel


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