World’s most important cities for fashion

World’s most important cities for fashion

It’s January and that means Fashion week is coming to major cities around the globe! The cities considered the global “Big Four” fashion capitals forever and ever have been ParisMilanLondon and New York. These cities are certainly not the only locations one can call both a home and fashion capital. Here, we will take a look some more cities with a very original fashion sense.


Tokyo is a cutting edge city mostly known for the Harajuku neighborhood which fuses entertainment, fashion and internet culture all in one place. In terms of dress and style, Tokyo is one of the more eccentric cities in the world! This is somewhat of an open rebellion against the normalized culture of conservative dress (think moderately fine suits and professional attire), and thus is a massive, uninhibited artistic release for designers who call this city home.


Barcelona, despite having been a major textile city for centuries, has become a fashion capital only relatively recently. With the influences of newer aged brands such as Desigual (who operate out of both Barcelona and Ibiza), this Spanish city has seen an explosion of different fashion trends. Typically very colorful, or inspired by street art, Barcelonian high fashion can be seen as wearable urban sprawl, which while unorthodox, is also eye catching and becoming more popular by the day. With a liberal-minded culture pushed forward by its influential youth, Barcelona continues to make an impact on the fashion industry, with its colorful and quirky Spanish apparel. In terms of fashion shows, Barcelona has two professional designer shows a year.


Berlin has long been a place where modern art meets every day needs. This concept also applies in its fashion scene. With a fashion show literally called “Bread and Butter”, Berlin seeks to take what is high brow and show it in a more accessible light, allowing for designers of both the high brow and progressive to come together. Another show that’s wildly popular in the fashion world is called StyleNite, which is unique in the fact that many of the fashion models would be unusual choices anywhere else; Disabled, amputated and elderly models have all been featured in this show as a means to be inclusive in the world of fashion. German apparel is actually estimated to bring in over 28 billion euros for the national economy.


It only takes the casual wanderer on the streets of Denmark’s capital city for it to become immediately apparent why Copenhagen is considered an emerging fashion destination. The effortless elegance and sophistication of the Danish men and women makes them look as if they have stepped right out of the pages of Vogue. Copenhagen continues to entice the eyes of the fashion press towards Scandinavian shores, where street style is renowned. This said, a number of Danish labels are emerging as competitors on a global scale – Malene Birger and Ivan Grundahl among them.


With China being the world’s most significant emerging economy, it is unsurprising that their fashion industry should develop correlatively. A number of European and American designers have established a presence in Asia, including Victoria Beckham and Diane von Furstenberg – both of whom now feature on Shanghai’s biannual Fashion Week program, alongside some of China’s own most promising labels, such as Uma Wang and Masha Ma.


São Paulo is the proud forerunner of the South American continent, leading the way in Latin American fashion. Brazil’s biannual fashion week, a notably colorful affair, showcases the work of its most promising designers – many of whom specialize in swimwear (Brazil’s beachwear industry is incredibly prolific). It has also over the years established itself as a platform for the promotion of several socioeconomic issues – particularly that of ethical inclusivity within the industry. The world is taking notice.


-Karen Bahri


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    It’s best to piece together an outfit. You cant go to a thrift shop looking for a whole new outfit, you go to get little pieces of it here and there.

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