Warm up for Winter: Hot Drinks You Need to Try!

Warm up for Winter: Hot Drinks You Need to Try!

The winter season can sure be cold.  Just imagine the cold, icy breath of Jack Frost himself smacking you right in the face, as you bring your arms around your body in an attempt to keep warm.

If you wanted to, you could have stayed indoors, where the cold air couldn’t get you.

And what better way than to keep away from the cold, than to enjoy a nice warm drink?

We did some research on some hot and festive holiday drinks, good for individual or a party, and we found our five favorites, just for you.

We did one for fall, and now we’re doing one for the winter.

So, here they are, five holiday drinks that’ll keep you warm all through winter.


Number one: Vin Brulé


Vin Brulé, also known as hot mulled wine, has origins that travel all the way back to Europe (although, the first appearance of wine is said to date back to ancient Rome), and is commonly served around Christmas time.

It is a delicious beverage that combines the smoothness of a dry red wine, the citrusy aroma of orange slices and lemon zest, and the warmth of anise, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.  Even just by talking about it, we can already smell the spices that give this drink the kick you need to stay warm.


Number Two: Hot Holiday Apple Cider


Ah.  There is nothing like the crisp taste of apples to really get your taste-buds flowing.

But hot apple cider?  Sign us up!

This drink possess a variety of flavors, including tart cranberries and oranges, spicy cloves and cinnamon, sweet, thick honey, and of course, the most important ingredient, apple juice.

If you want, you can even use whole apples and make your own juice, giving your drink an even fresher twist.


Number Three: Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Peppermint?  Check.  Chocolate? Check.  A love for both of these things combined?  Check.

And once you sip on this hot chocolate, we guarantee you chocolate and mint lovers will be hooked.

Just add some crushed peppermint into your hot cocoa, and you are ready to go!

We recommend the best way to enjoy this drink, is to curl up by the fireplace with your favorite book.


Number Four: Hot Honey Lemon with Vodka


Riddle us this: what do you get when you combine honey, lemon and vodka?  A warm glass of deliciousness, that’s what!

If you’ve had lemon tea sweetened with honey, then you’ll know that it’s a mouth watering blend, especially for when you’re sick, or need to warm up.

All you need is exactly what it says: vodka, honey and lemons.  This drink actually calls for water so as to not make it too strong, but if you’re the type who likes it straight up, go for it!

If you’re planning to serve a drink at a party, we suggest you go with this one.


Number Five: Spiced Apple Wassail


This is another drink we recommend for parties, and we’ll get to why in just a bit.

Like the Vin Brulé, this drink does a good job at blending together the tartness of citrus and the strength of spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

However, unlike the Brulé, this doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

“What?”  We can hear you ask, “Then why bother?  What’s the point?”  We’re glad you asked.  For you see, it’s not so much the drink, but the actual name of the drink that should stand out to you.

Let us tell you a little bit about wassail.

Wassail is a beverage used in a drinking ritual to bring about a successful harvest, namely of apples.  Before taking sip, you yell out “Wassail!” which mean to be healthy.

Maybe you could shout out a wassail yourself, to promote your own good health.


And those are our five favorite drinks that we suggest you try this winter.  Whether you prefer alcoholic or non alcoholic, these drinks are sure to keep you warm throughout the frosty season.


By Lia Salem

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