Brand founder, Dr. Gary Goldfaden has a love and passion for skincare, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. He has been a Dermatologist for over 40 years. Inspired by his in-office experiences, Dr. Goldfaden develops innovative and technologically advanced skincare solutions that provide results, well-tolerated even by those with sensitive skin. These highly efficacious, non-prescription skincare solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies with active plant cells and anti-oxidant rich botanicals.
All of the Goldfaden MD products are made without harsh synthetic ingredients. Yet they are safe effective products that utilize the most effective and innovative naturally-derived, result driven ingredients.

Now that you know how, lets tell you Why!

When I first received the brands products to review, it was a very generous portion. My first thought was how can I use and review this many products in just one month. “I was wrong” there were many advantages of having the whole line at once, sometimes I like to blend, mix and match products ( you never know) mostly the result are good. So lets talk about ” Why” you should use this awesome brand.


The Mask is an advanced purifying mask which employs the soothing benefits of Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor to effectively deep clean blemish-prone skin, minimize the appearance of pores, soothe the skin, and give it an even, youthful-looking tone. Developed to use as an overall facial mask, this powerhouse formula works to unveil a clearer looking, radiant even-toned complexion.

I was so surprised by the results even from one application there was a massive improvement in my pores, “it was brilliant” I tend to have a porous type nose with a few scattered on my cheeks. I really like the texture of this mask when I applied it to my face. I could feel a light sensation, it also had a hint of a scent. Instead of following the directions (10-15 min), I decided to leave it on for a little over 15 minutes (almost 20). When I washed it off my skin felt amazing. It glowed bright and felt refreshed. I didn’t even have to wait to apply makeup. I been using it 3x per week (as directed) with the brands Brightening Elixir Serum with vitamin C and I’m Very pleased with the results . The mask left my skin feel a little firm but the serum changed all that. This product has helped my adult acne immensely and I have tried quite a few in my time. It also works great as spot treatment. There are many reasons to try this brand, lets give you a few more.


With Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E, meticulously formulated at percentage levels to deliver maximum visible results while remaining suitable and well-tolerated by all skin types (including sensitive). With its potent antioxidant blend, Brightening Elixir works to boost skin against environmental damage caused by free radicals (including UVA/UVB), Brightening Elixir contains Vitamins B3, B5, + E, offering additional brightening, balancing and rejuvenating nourishment.

Since I mentioned using the Brightening Elixir after the Facial Detox. I thought we might as well go right into the product. When I first applied it on my face I noticed the consistency of the serum was good yet somewhat watery, It applied easily and absorbed very quickly and doesn’t irritate my skin. This all-in-one serum hydrated, brightened, added moisture and glow to my skin, while reducing the signs of ageing. It even revived the dullest areas and gave my skin that radiance of youth. It does have a slight scent (barley noticeable). And most importantly It layers well with my makeup products. As mentioned this serum works well with other products which is what most of us are looking for in a good skincare line.


This coveted exfoliator contains crystals that polish away dead surface skin, leaving skin brighter, appearing clearer and younger-looking. Formulated with line-filling Hyaluronic Acid to deliver long-lasting hydration while nourishing Seaweed and Organic Red Tea Extract offer antioxidant nourishment. Daily use will make skin feel firmer and appear stronger, working towards radiant complexion. Good for all skin types.

I have had an ongoing problem with dry, dull skin that gets a little scaly around my nose I’ve tried several different exfoliators but this by far is one of the best I’ve used. It’s like a microdermabrasion treatment in a small jar!  It’s finely granulated and feels a little rough, but I went slow and gentle, this left my skin smooth, polished with a wonderful glow and really improved the texture and tone of my skin, with no breakouts or blemishes. It’s amazing! Not only does it do a good job of exfoliating, but it also contains a softening agent that leaves your skin feeling silky. This is something that you don’t always find in exfoliating products. I believe the ruby crystals are not only very effective but better for the environment. Everyone’s skin is different. I’ve been using this about 2-3 days a week and loving it. However all skin types are different, so remember this when choosing how often to use.


Vital Boost delivers hydration, antioxidant nourishment and a brightening glow to all skin types. Skin-boosting and rejuvenating Vitamin D supports skin health, providing powerful hydrating properties. This moisturizer may improve suppleness and the appearance of skin color and tone while promoting a more youthful-looking complexion. Brightening skin agent, Gooseberry Extract, leaves skin looking dewy, radiant and flawless. 

This moisturizer does not make my dry skin look oily, but oh how my skin appeared smoother, plumper, and finer textured. Even very light, oil-free moisturizers usually can make me look like an oil slick after a couple of hours. After using Vital Boost I had no greasy or oily complexion! I found that it readily was absorbed by my skin. My face felt “uplifted” and rejuvenated. Within a week or so I started to feel my face was so much softer and smoother. I love putting it on every morning.


This powerhouse formula helpS reduce the appearance of darkness, puffiness, and fine lines. Soy Peptide, Rice Bran Extract, Organic Red Tea and Arnica work together to deliver de-puffing and brightening properties while ensuring the eye area has a luminous and youthful-looking appearance. Perfect for all skin types.

This eye cream is great at moisturizing and wears well under makeup,
after applying under my eye areas they felt moisturized, absorbed quickly did not leave an oily sensation or settle into any lines and absorbed quickly. It’s helped the slight swelling around my eyes go down and helped to soften and tighten the skin under my eyes. You also need just a small amount for both eyes. I was thrilled and already feeling and seeing the results after just 2 weeks. Well, It seemed to do the trick, and it was noticeable. Important Note; once I completed the regimen, I applied my makeup, and of course it sat nicely under my concealer, what more could I ask for. One Happy Camper!


Pure Hyaluronic Acid and advanced Hexapeptides make skin feel plump, appear firm and diminish the appearance of fine lines and deep creases. Nutrient-rich Seaweed Extract promotes a long-term, youthful-looking glow. With continued use, your skin will reap the benefits of looking younger, feeling smoother, and appearing more radiant. Ideal for all skin types.

And we saved the best for last!! Yes it says Need-Less, as a beauty editor that in itself makes it worth trying. There is nothing I don’t like about this product! I don’t have very deep wrinkles but I do have faint lines and crows feet. I applied it on my forehead, smile lines, crows feet and basically anywhere I’ve got the most wrinkles. The product helped to make my skin look smoother and seemed to relax the muscles between my eyebrows, on my forehead and the crows feet around my eyes. I think I look younger after only 3 weeks of use. I would recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about lines and firmness. And remember; no needles!! There is a downside to this Goldfaden line, now that I’ve been using it, it will be hard to go back to using my other skincare products. I think I’m Obsessed.

So there you have it, Goldfaden MD is on Haute D’ Vies top of the must have products. So what are you waiting for, Summer is coming think fast your face will thank you.

By DeAnn Harte

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