The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

It’s been a while since the top ten best dressed of the week, but we are back again, here to bring you some fabulously dressed female celebrities.  From movie premieres to out and about sightings, to partying at Coachella, these really know how to strike a pose for the camera.

And we’re here to honor them, and their outfits.


So, let’s take a look: the top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week!


Number Ten: Kate Middleton

Joining her family, the Duchess of Cambridge attended Easter Service in Windsor, and we must say, she looks quite sophisticated in that dressy cream-colored knee length jacket with matching high heeled pumps.  A top her head, sits a dainty white cap, and her hair has been twisted into an elegant low bun.  It’s a classy look for Kate, and we are loving it.


Number Nine: Emily Osment

Osment was sighted at the premiere of Disney and Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2, looking adorable in a little black dress.  The frock came inches above her knees, the hem flaring outwards.  The outfit also sported lightly ruffled sleeves, and a plunging v-neck.  On her feet was a pair of flirty black lace up high heels.  Suffice to say, we’re going to add this one to our own list of little black dresses.


Number Eight: Kylie Jenner

Jenner looks glitzy in gold in her halter-top mini dress, which she wore at the event Pretty Little Playground at the 2017 Coachella Music Festival.  The festival is known world-wide, and many a celebrity have been known to attend it.  The outfit Jenner chose to wear seems very appropriate for such an event: fun and flirty, with a dash of glam.


Number Seven: Britt Robertson

Robertson was sighted at the Netflix premiere of GirlBoss, looking ready for spring time in this knee-length cream colored dress.  The dress boasted a pale white flowers that danced along the neckline, only to come cascading downwards.  On the sides of the dress were two large pocket, which were also lined with the same pale white blossoms.  A pair of strappy white heels complete the outfit.


Number Six: Jennifer Hudson

Here’s another little black dress we’re adding to our list.  Hudson looked quite glamorous in this ensemble when she attended the Tribeca Film Festival.  The dress was inches above her knees, and boasted a single long sleeve that was made out of lace, the hem of it wrapped themselves around fingers, like rings.  Stretching across her chest was a patch of black lace that had been torn in two spots, one spot revealed delicate netting.  A black belt encircled her waist, and a pair of leather ankle boots adorn her feet.  It’s incredible sexy, and more than deserves a spot on this list.


Number Five: Sophie Simmons

Simmons was seen at the Zoe Report ZOEasis at the 2017 Coachella Music Festival, looking eager to welcome spring in this white, lacy frock, which reached her ankles.  Flowing delicately all around the dress was a series of white flowers, which had been carefully sewn in to a create a dedication for spring.   Encircling her neck is a black choker, decorated with pale pink roses.  Underneath, was a black bikini like ensemble, and on her feet a pair of black ankle boots with belts.  It combines flirty with tough, and it’s a look we can definitely get used to.


Number Four: Chloe Bennet

Bennet was another celebrity who was seen at the premiere of Disney and Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2, decked out in a midnight black floor length gown.  The gown boasted a thick black belt that encircled her waist, extending from the bottom of a deeply cut v-neck line.  The dress was long sleeved, and in front were two large sleets that revealed slender legs.  On her feet were a pair of black pumps, and a black clutch finished off the outfit.  It’s sophisticated, yet simple, a perfect combination.


Number Three: Coco Rocha

Rocha attended Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary party, dressed in something so glamorously outrageous, we had to put it here.  It is a floor length hour glass gown which clings to her figure like glue.  Stripes of teal blue and black, alternating each other, grace the gown in alien-like patterns, stretching and cascading to a hem made out of soft black velvet.  The dress boasts an eccentric nature, but never once looses its eye catching look.  It’s a work of art for us, and we are more than happy to give it a spot on this list.


Number Two: Rosario Dawson


Dawson attended the premiere of Warner Brother’s film Unforgettable, and her outfit makes us give a huge two thumbs way up (we might have felt a cloud pass by).  The golden gown sparkled under the bright lights of the paparazzi cameras, as she poses in front of the film’s poster.  The gown also sported a sweet heart neckline, and a long slit in the front, showing off a slender, olive-skinned leg.  On her feet were gold strappy high heeled sandals.  It’s a wonderful look for Dawson, and we believe gold is a color she should wear more often.

And now, the gown you’ve been waiting for…..


Number One: Guan Xiaotong

When we saw this gown on Xiaotong, we instantly knew it was going to be number one, and it’s easy to see why.  The actress was seen at the 2017 Beijing Film Festival, wearing something that did nothing other than make our jaws drop and go completely silent, marveling at its beauty.

The gown was snow white in color, with a neck line that had a glorious cloud like pattern that flowed across her chest.  The skirt flowed gracefully outward against the carpet, the silky material covered by a large ocean of pale white tulle.  Another thing that caught our eyes, were the floral patterns.  Beautiful pink flowers cascaded from the chest, and all the way down to her feet, blossoms scattering, like petals against a mountain of snow.  The entire look is a fashion masterpiece, and more than deserves the number one spot.


Got a favorite look?  Let us know in the comments!


By Lia Salem


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