The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

Grab a wine glass and take a seat, it’s time for us to do the Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week again!  We search high and low to find ladies of Hollywood decked out in some of the finest and most creative clothes.

Let’s take a gander at them, shall we?


Number Ten: Scarlett Johansson


Johansson attended the Paris premiere of her latest film, Ghost in the Shell.  She is wearing a long sleeved top, decorated with one of the most intricate patterns we have ever seen.  The top half of the top sports striking black and white diamonds, while the center has a long and thick black stripe, and below that, the same visually eye catching diamond pattern can be seen.  Encircling her waist is a shiny black and silver belt.  She is also wearing a knee length skirt that looks to be made of feathers, and on her feet are black high heeled boots dotted with silver studs.


Number Nine: Reba McEntire

Songstress McEntire was seen at Muhammed Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XIII, looking quite suave in this floor length sleeveless, entirely gown adorned with glistening sequins.  For some added accessories, a simple silver necklace and two diamond studs grace her ears.  It’s a look we like to call: simple, yet classy.


Number Eight: Sarah Drew

Drew was spotted at the 34th Paley Fest for Media at the Paley Center, featuring Grey’s Anatomy.  She has chosen to wear a sleeveless ankle-length dress, embroidered with another intricate pattern of black and white.  The top part of the gown sported a see through material decorated with snow white lines, leading down to solid black that had been splashed with white circles attached to one another by thin white stems, almost like a chemical compound.  In the center of this, was a strip of a dark see through material, lined with tiny eye shaped holes that had been formed into a zigzag pattern.  Around her waist, the same eye-shaped holes can be seen.  Below that, cloth of midnight black had white rectangles sewn in, followed by the same delicate white circles that had been embellished on the top part of the dress.  A solid and thick strip of black, that had been also decorated with eye shaped holes, stretched down to wrap around her knees.  The final part of the dress flowed down to strappy black high heeled shoes.  It’s certainly up on our list of the most elaborate outfits we have ever laid eyes on.


Number Seven: Naomi Scott

Scott was spotted at the premiere of the up-coming film, Power Rangers, in Los Angeles.  She is wearing a black spaghetti strap knee length dress, the hem lined with a delicate lace-like material.  Covering the small dress, was an ankle length skirt, decorated in black and white stripes, closely resembling piano keys, and dotted with tiny and colorful gem like pins of red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow and orange.  In the front, was a long slit, that opened up to real black high heeled shoes.


Number Six: Kaitlin Olson

Olson was sighted at the premiere of the film CHiPs.  She has chosen to wear a strapless, floor length gown that was the color of a light cream.  Sewn into the gown, was a delicate blue floral and leaf like pattern.  The dress has been designed in layers, each one covered in floral embroidery, the blue colors ranging from sky to sapphire.  It’s a lovely fit for Olson, and we think the entire outfit looks both fresh and fun.


Number Five: Stefanie Martini

Martini attended the 2017 Three Empire Awards, opting to go for an all black ensemble that makes her look quite elegant.  The gown she is wearing flows all the way down to the floor, brushing lightly against the red carpet.  The top portion of the gown boasts a circular cut-out, revealing a conservative amount of cleavage, two strings tied together in a tiny bow at the base of her neck.  The sleeves of the gown look to be made up of a web-like material.  She is also wearing a pair of diamond drop earrings and a dazzling bracelet.  It’s a gorgeous gown in black, and we are quite fond of it.


Number Four: Blanca Suarez

Suarez was spotted at the opening night of the 2017 Malaga Film Festival.  For the big night, she has chosen to wear a dark, pastel green form fitting spaghetti strap gown, the small train cascading gracefully outwards.  The gown also boasted a low cut v-shaped neckline.  Glittering rings adorn her fingers, and a pair of diamond hoop earrings grace her ears.  It’s a look that’s both fresh and sophisticated.


Number Three: Maria Dragus

Dragus attended the premiere of Tiger Girl in Berlin.  For the big event, she has chosen to wear a soft black tank top, that had two cords which criss-crossed in the back.  Attached to the top was a form fitting pearl white skirt that hugged her hips, only to flare out at her ankles in a delicate mermaid style, and silver high heeled shoes adorned her feet.  In her hand, she’s holding a black clutch.  It’s classy, sophisticated and stylish, and we think the look is quite wonderful on Dragus.


Number Two: Katy Perry



Perry was spotted at the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Gala, in an outfit that can only be described as quirky, flirty and classy all at the same time.  She is wearing an egg shell white, floor length gown, that gracefully lined the plush blue carpet.  A thick, black silk like material, that had been bunched up in ruffles, smoothed over the neck-line of the dress, two black strings reaching upwards to wrap around her neck, to form a halter top.  Her nails had been painted white, and peeking out from the egg shell color of the dress, were a pair of pointy black shoes.  Although she is quite known for her creative fashion, which we also absolutely love, we’re digging this look on Perry.


Number One: Fan Bingbing


Actress Fan Bingbing graced the 11th Annual Asian Film Awards with her presence, and we need a moment to pick out jaws up off the floor at the sight of this marvelous gown.

The masterpiece she is wearing is the color of aquamarine silk.  A delicate, satin band of the same vibrant color perfectly enveloped her shoulders, followed by a bodice that had been decorated with a series of silver beading that had been both carefully and intricately sewn in.  Two cape like cloths of silk flowed outwards and down to her feet, like a waterfall of blue against a ruby red carpet.  This gave way to a long and wide slit in the front, revealing a pair of silk aquamarine ankle length pants.  It’s one of the most awe-inducing gowns we’ve ever seen, and Fan Bingbing more than deserves the number one Spider-Man: Homecoming streaming


Which outfit suited your fancy?  Let us know in the comments!


by Lia Salem


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