The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

Cannes (yes, we’re doing a play on words, in honor of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival) you believe we’re back again for another Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week?

And we were not disappointed with what we found.  From flirty frocks to dazzling gowns, we’ve brought you some of the hottest and most interesting outfits seen this week.

Get ready to start the countdown; here are the Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week


Number Ten: Kaya Scodelario

Scodelario was spotted at the premiere of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales.  For the swashbuckling event, she opted to wear a long sleeved black knee length dress made entirely out of tulle.  And just as many Disney fans are bursting with excitement at the new Pirates Film, Scodelario’s dress was bursting with vivid colors of emerald greens sapphire blues.  White threads that had been delicately sewn in to the shapes of hearts and leaves swirled around the striking blues and greens.  It’s a fun look for Scodelario, and we had fun just looking at it.


Number Nine: Angela Parish

Parish attended the 2017 ASCAP Awards, showing off her own version of the iconic little black dress.  The midnight colored frock flowed gently to her knees, and boasted a plunging cleavage, covered by a see through sheer material, and lightly decorated with a small handful of diamond shaped designs.  It certainly pairs well with those adorable black pumps she’s wearing.


Number Eight: Jennifer Morrison

Morrison attended the premiere of The Wizard of Lies.  The little black dress is quite well known and loved throughput the world of fashion, so we wanted to add another one.  Put in some cut-outs of the side, pair it with some fierce looking suede black pumps, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that breathes the words flirty and classy at the same time.  And just like the expression on her face, we believe this outfit just oozes confidence.


Number Seven: Nastia Liukin

Summer is thankfully here (no more oversized sweaters and ridiculously thick wool socks that make your shoes feel smaller than they actually are), Liukin decided to go with a look that paid tribute to the season of mint juleps and warm beach bonfires, when she was seen at Simply Stylist Miami Pop-Up with Coppertone.  She is wearing a sky blue shirt decorated with light silver palm trees, and in pink cursive lettering, the word “Relax” embellished on the front.  The blue fabric is tucked into a black and white plaid mini skirt, and on her feet is a pair of strappy black sandals.  A fitting summer outfit, and we are loving it.


Number Six: Amy Acker

Acker attended Fox Upfront, and we are quite enjoying the outfit she chose to wear for the occasion.  It is a turquoise colored knee length gown made entirely out of lace, each thread had been carefully woven to create beautiful and intricate floral designs.  Small pieces of fringe can be seen dancing a long side the sleeves and hem, which dips and curves, almost reminiscent of flower petals.  We also love those golden sandals, as they compliment the shade of the dress quite nicely.  Can you say oozing with panache?


Number Five: Jennifer Lopez

We’re pretty sure Jlo turned quite a few heads with this outfit, when she was sighted at NBCUniversal Upfront.  And to her credit, we’re willing to bet she was successful.

How could she not have been?  The singer and actress was filled with confidence and sex appeal as she posed on the blue carpet wearing a pink petal colored dress with a dangerously high slit in the front.  As if that wasn’t enough, the dress boasted an off the shoulder look, leading downwards to show off some serious cleavage.  And the beige colored open toed high heels?  They only add to just how much fun this outfit looks to wear.  Jlo certainly knows her style!


Number Four: Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley wore all pink to an event called Hot Pink Party (well, where else would you wear the color pink?  An all neon green party?  We don’t think so!).  Due to the color, it is obvious that it was an event to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Then again, you could probably tell that from the pink ribbons in the background.

Hurley’s gown cascaded all the way down to the plush pink carpet, like a waterfall of soft pink silk.  The style reminded us of something a Greek Goddess would wear, as it sported a classy one shoulder look.  Encircling Hurley’s waist is glittering hot pink ribbon.  A beautiful gown worn by a very talented woman at an event dedicated to a noble cause?  We couldn’t ask for more.


Number Three: Elle Fanning


Remember our little joke at the very beginning of this article?  The 2017 Cannes Film Festival has just started, and Fanning was one of many celebrities sighted.

Fanning is wearing a strapless pearl white gown that looks like something out of a fairy tale.  Mountains of pale silk fall gracefully against the bright red carpet, as the gown envelopes Fanning with grace and dignity.  Peeking out, a portion of intricate design of reds and greens had been carefully embroidered on the train of the gown.  The neckline is certainly eye catching as well, and is unlike anything we’ve seen before.  It certainly doesn’t follow the traditional necklines that we’ve seen on most gowns.  But then again, what is fashion, if a designer doesn’t take a risk?


Number Two: Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh was another celebrity who was spotted at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.  We’ve seen her wear a variety of colors, but we think this shade is her best one yet.  We’re going to go ahead and say that sky blue is definitely one of her most flattering colors, and would like to extend a message to Yeoh that she should wear it more often.

The strapless curvy neck-lined gown was a perfect look for her, danced around her like blue waves.  A series of intricate silver patterns swirled around the gown, like shells at nestled into the sands below a clear blue ocean.  This gown certainly caught our eye, and more than deserves the number two spot on this list.


And now, for the final number.  Get the drums rolling as we bring this article to a close with the number one best dressed female celebrity of the week.


Are you ready for it?  Well, ready or not, here it is!


Number One: Sarah Sampaio


We here at Haute d’Vie love the color red.  It’s a color that represents passion and excitement, glamour, pizzazz, and love.

Which were the exact things we were thinking when we saw this on Sampaio, when she was sighted at the (yep, you guessed it) 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

If you’ve read our previous top ten best dressed of the week articles, then you would know that we’ve created a mini list that we proudly call Women who Look Magnificent in Red.  And let us tell you, dear readers, we think we found a dress that is sure to shoot like a meteor to the top of that list.

This head turning and eye catching gown was the color of a magnificently red ruby, flowing downwards and outwards against the carpet, like a vast sea of endless red (if you want to tell us to cool it with our obsession with the color red, we wouldn’t blame you).  The gown also boasted a plunging neckline, revealing an ample amount of  cleavage.  Red threads had been embroidered into the smooth fabric, creating patterns of explosions in the shape of fireworks.  And, just like the confident and flirtatious look on Sampaio’s face, this gown oozed all that with a dash of glamour, almost as if it knew all eyes would be on it.  If there ever was a dress with an attitude, this would be it.  We’re in the love with the style, the color and we believe it more than deserves the number one spot.


Got a favorite look from this list?  Put your fingers to that keyboard and sound off in the comments!


By Lia Salem

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