The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the...

The Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

Hello, ladies and gentleman!  Welcome back to this week’s Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week!  We scoured high and low to find women who dressed to impress, and we can’t wait to share their outfits with you, dear reader.

Why don’t we take a look, here are the Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week:


Number Ten: Amy Schumer

Schumer arrived at the screening of 20th Century Fox’s new film Snatched (also starring Goldie Hawn).  She is wearing a pure black dress covered in patterns of multiple colors, including green and sky blue, each one bursting against the black fabric, like fireworks against the night sky.  It’s a fresh look for Schumer, and we are loving it.


Number Nine: Bonnie Wright

Wright was spotted at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner, donned in a knee length black gown, which complimented her long hair quite nicely.  The knee length dress boasted a jewel neckline, and stretching from the top of the dress, all the way down to her waist, a thin netting covered in beads can be seen.  On her feet are a pair of black pumps, successfully completing the outfit.  It’s a look that’s both flirty and classy, at the same time.


Number Eight: Elizabeth Moss

Moss was seen at the premiere of Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale, wearing an outfit that we find very chic.  The outfit consisted of a black spaghetti strap dress that fell inches above her ankle, and was covered in colorful purple, green and black birds, each one sparkling delicately.  Perched elegantly at the bottom of her deep v-neckline, another bird, made entirely of gold and green rhinestones, spread its wings in flight.  On her feet were a pair of strappy black high heels.  In her hand, she clutches a green purse, and her nails have been painted a bright red, completing the ensemble.


Number Seven: Anna Camp


Camp was another celebrity seen at the premiere of Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale.  The outfit she chose to wear for the event consisted of a light brown spaghetti strap dress, the hem brushing just above her ankles.  Intricate designs of pink leaves and floral imagery lined with red covered the dress, and a thin brown belt with a gold buckle encircled her waist.  On her feet are a pair of gladiator-like sandals.  Since we’re in the season of spring, this is a perfect outfit to wear.


Number Six: Amanda Steele

Steele attended Harper’s Bazaar’s May Issue Event, looking quite sultry in her own version of the little black dress.  The sexy ensemble was short, reaching only to her thighs, and was made up of a fur-like material, and boasted a deeply plunging v-neckline.  A long black sleeve covered one arm, leaving the other one completely bare.  On that note, we’re going to add this out own list of little black dresses.


Number Five: Samantha Colley

Colley was spotted at National Geographic’s screening of Genius.  She is wearing a spaghetti strapped black dress that is composed of two layers, the top hem of the first layer sporting ruffles that fanned out against the bottom layer of the dress, and the neckline had been decorated with a delicate black lace, elegant black roses had been carefully sewn into clear circles, accentuating the fragile fabric.  Covering the solid black outfit was an ankle length skirt made of the same fabric that decorated her neckline.  On her feet are a pair of black high heeled shoes.  It’s an elegant look, and we are loving it.


Number Four: Chloe Pirrie

Pirrie showed up at the British Academy’s Television Craft Awards, wearing a very elegant and sexy looking maxi dress.  The top portion of the dress was made up of a sheer material, and boasted a deep v-neckline.  On either side, black fabric with intricate white designs could be seen.  Underneath several layers of a sheer black material, each hem decorated with ruffles, a cream colored skirt could be see, and in her hand, she holds an adorable red and black clutch.


Number Three: Harley Quinn Smith

Yes, that is her actual name.  No, it is not a stage name.  We checked.  She actually was named after the famous female villain, lover and side kick of The Joker, from The Batman Universe.

Smith attended the Humane Society of the United States to the Rescue Gala, wearing a long form sitting fire engine red dress for the event.  The mermaid style gown consisted of two elegant sleeves that reached inches below her elbows, and a largely beaded gold bracelet encircled her wrist.  On her feet are a pair of black pumps, peeking out from underneath the flowing hem.  It’s a great look for Smith, and we’re adding this outfit to our list of women who look amazing in red.


Number Two: Chloe Bennet

Bennet was seen at the 51st Anniversary of the East End Players Visionary Awards and Silent Auction, wearing a stylish pale pink floor length gown.  The sleeves of the gown were made up of a lace-like material; the ends cut up and designed to point outwards against her shoulders, like a white flower in full bloom.  The delicate fabric of the dress tumbled all the way to the plush red carpet, and around her knees a stretch of delicate lace could be seen, covered in elaborate oval like designs.  It’s an absolutely beautiful gown, and we think this is a great look for Bennet.


Number One: Viola Davis

Academy Award Nominee and winner of Best Supporting Actress at the (now over) 2017 Academy Awards, Davis attended the Time 100 Gala, and her outfit certainly did not fail to impress.  The floor length gown was an elegant shade of royal purple, hugging her curves quite nicely, and quite honestly, purple is certainly one of her best colors.  The neckline of the dress consisted of an off-the-shoulder-like ensemble, a thick porting hanging delicately off one shoulder, while a thin strap sat delicately top her other shoulder.  On her wrists are two gold bracelets, and a pair of dangly red and gold earring hang from her ears, a black clutch completing the outfit.  It’s simple, yet elegant with a flair of timeless classiness, and more than deserves the number one spot.


Got a favorite look that you’d love to wear?  Let us know which dress made you point to your screen and say, “I want that one,” in the comments below!


By Lia Salem

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