The Top Ten Most Adventurous Foods from Around the...

The Top Ten Most Adventurous Foods from Around the World

We’re pretty sure we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love food.  From cooking it to eating it, food has served as both a necessity and an enjoyment for humanity for as long as we’ve been on this planet.

But there are more variations of cuisine than what we’re all used to.  No, every culture around the world has a dish unique to them, and quite honestly, you’ll never know what to expect.

So, if you consider yourself a dare devil, or at least open enough to try new things, we present to you the top ten most adventurous foods from around the world.

Number Ten: Chapulines




foto-7That would be fried grasshoppers, actually.  Who hasn’t watched Timon and Pumba from “The Lion King,” and wondered if bugs really did “taste like chicken?”  A treat from Mexico and South America, these grasshoppers are seasoned with a nice coating of garlic, some lime juice and salt and are said to have a rather salty, yet spicy flavor to them.  Bon appétit!

Number Nine: Fried Starfish.




Oh, yes.  You read that right.  Fried starfish.  Hailing from China, this food is seen as a huge treat for many of the locals, and even tourists aren’t afraid to sink their teeth into one of these.  The taste of it is very similar to crab, actually.  Care to take a bite?

Number Eight: Frog Legs



paris-france-3961Considered a delicacy in France, frog legs are often served fried with various dipping sauces and leafy greens. They can also come in a soup.  Not very many people would be willing to try this (a lot of people don’t like frogs due to their slimy skin).  Many claim that they taste just like chicken, though.

Number Seven: Cobra Soup



IMG_4131Apparently, foods from the around the world can get very interesting (like you couldn’t already tell?).  Cobra soup is very popular in Vietnam (and is also served in many parts of China, as well).  It is considered to be a health supplement, providing skin benefits, among others.  Said to be very salty, cooks will add other ingredients, such as slice of lemon, to tone it down.

Number Six: Haggis



haggis-cutThis food is commonly eaten in Great Britain.  Most notably, Ireland and Scotland.  It is actually considered a pudding and consists of various parts of a sheep, including the heart, liver and lungs.  The meat is then mixed with onions and oatmeal and then surrounded by the stomach of the sheep.  Fun fact: haggis is used in a sport called Haggis Hurling, where you, yes, throw a haggis as far as you can.  Watch out for flying sheep stomach!

Number Five: Durian Fruit

benefits of durian fruit for beauty



A fruit that lives in Singapore, and many people swear to love the taste, as it is very similar to sugar, if you can get past the smell that is.  It’s said to smell like, to put it mildly, a very pungent cheese.

Number Four: Surströmming




Basically, fermented fish in a can, and this one is loved in Sweden.  Typically served with a large cracker with an onion or potato.

And from what we’ve learned about this, we don’t plan to go anywhere near it.  People have described the smell as being the same as a sewage plant on a hot summer day.  If you’re daring enough to try this, we admire you for your bravery.

Number Three:  Ackee Fruit




Originating in Jamaica and Africa, this fruit is served with many dishes, or you can also eat it by itself.  Take great care though.  Harmless looking it may be, but looks can be deceiving.  This fruit is considered to be very toxic if eaten before it is ripe.  We suggest having someone who knows what they are doing prepare this fruit for you.

Number Two: Hákarl




A traditional dish served in Iceland, and is said to be extremely smelly.  This is largely due to the fact that it smells like rotting meat.  Did we mention that this was a shark?  This dish is also considered to be very poisonous.  Chefs who serve it must ferment the fish and then allow it do try for up to half a year, before it is considered safe to eat.

Number One: Fugu




Translates to puffer or blow-fish, served in Japan.  Many food adventurists have all been wanting to try this dish, and its reputation for being one of the most daring foods to try wasn’t given for no reason.

For you see, fugu is considered to be one of the most toxic fish in the world.  Its organs contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is over a thousand times deadlier than cyanide.  If not prepared correctly, it will kill you, as many people in the past who have tried to prepare this dish without knowing what to do have unfortunately found out.  Nowadays, the organs and other toxic parts of the fish are locked up after being removed, so that people don’t eat them.

Only chefs who have trained for years and are licensed to prepare it can do it for you.

We’ll put it to you this way: if there is anything that should be labeled “Do Not Attempt at Home,” this fish would be it.

Would you ever sink your teeth into some of these?  Are you daring enough to try the last three?  Let us know in the comments!

by Lia Salem


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