Top Men’s Fragrances for Spring/Summer 2018

Top Men’s Fragrances for Spring/Summer 2018

I previously provided a list of the best women’s fragrances that will be the top sellers this season. Here is a list for the gentlemen out there. The following fragrances will definitely complete your whole look and feel fresh for this spring/summer!

Creed ‘Virgin Island Water’ Cologne 

Clean Shower Fresh for Men

Jo Malone ‘Lime, Basil, & Mandarin’ Cologne for Men

Maison Margiela ‘Replica at the Barber’s’ Men’s Cologne 

Versace Man ‘Eau Fraiche’ Cologne 

Acqua di Parma ‘Blu Mediterraneo’ Cologne

Prada ‘L’Homme Prada’ Cologne 

Hermès Terre d’Hermés Cologne 

Valentino ‘Uomo’ Fragrance

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Yves Saint Laurent ‘La Nuit de l’Homme’ Cologne

No 1. Most Expensive Cologne Ever: Clive Christian ‘No 1’

Now that you have the list, you or the man in your life will be guaranteed to be up to date in the fragrance department for all your spring and summer outings!


-Karen Bahri


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