The Aman Tokyo a New Kind Of Japanese Comfort

The Aman Tokyo a New Kind Of Japanese Comfort

Located in the prestigious financial district of Otemachi, Aman Tokyo presents 84 rooms and suites each with panoramic city views.
Aman Tokyo - Premier Room Living Area

A peaceful inner garden, a serene Aman Spa, and swimming pool complete the elevated sanctuary. Occupying levels 33-38 of the Otemachi Tower are Aman Tokyo’s scenic views of the Imperial Palace Gardens and surrounding landmarks. It also allows easy access to all points of interest in the city including the renowned Ginza shopping district.

Aman Tokyo - Swimming Pool

The harmony of the architecture and design, combined with elements of the local milieu, are a classic hallmark of any Aman, and this is no exception. Aman’s sixth property, set to be designed by Kerry Hill Architects, cleverly reveals itself through a series of unique design elements, perfectly blending a mix of traditional Japanese design with hints of contemporary flair. Playing with an abundance of daylight, classic Japanese materials such as Camphor wood, Washi paper and stone are fused with modern technology and a variety of fabrics and textures to create a subtle interplay of shadow and light – fundamental to its design and ambiance.

The centerpiece of the lobby, soaring nearly 98 ft high, is a majestic architectural feature resembling the interior of a Japanese paper lantern.  The vast expanse measures 131 ft long by 35 ft wide. Created with layers of textured Washi paper and stretched with the Shoji frame, the Lantern rises six floors through the center of the building. During the day, it allows diffused sunlight to illuminate the lobby, while in the evenings, the ambiance evolves via a series of orchestrated lighting scenes.

Aman Tokyo - The Restaurant by Aman

Beneath the Lantern, is the hotel’s inner garden. Celebrating the creative and cultural tradition of Japan is the prominent Ikebana, a disciplined art form in which materials such as living branches, leaves and blossoms are carefully arranged to represent a closeness with nature. This sits atop a calming water feature and is complemented by two traditional Japanese rock gardens. Designed to reflect the feeling of Zen, the rock gardens feature boulders from northern Japan, are minimal in design and intended to calm the mind, drawing it away from everyday concerns towards an appreciation for nature in the raw. The inner garden is surrounded by an engawa, a Japanese term for a wooden space between the garden and living areas in traditional homes.

Tokyo, with more Michelin stars than any other city, is renowned for its cuisine and Aman Tokyo will add an exciting new dimension to this. On the ground floor and nestled within 39,750 square ft of the Otemachi Forest, The Café by Aman specializes in Mediterranean-inspired fare. It feature’s the hotel’s own signature sake, and offers lunch and dinner with outdoor forest seating. On the 33rd level, with floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of the Imperial Palace Gardens and towards Mount Fuji in the distance, The Lounge by Aman is a convivial venue for a drink or snack throughout the day and into the night. The Restaurant by Aman will serve gastronomic fine dining based on Mediterranean cuisine including a selection of Japanese and Asian inspired dishes. In addition, the hotel houses an impressive glass fronted walk-in wine cellar. Working with exclusive winemakers from around the world, as well as one of Japan’s most revered sake masters, the cellar is stocked with over 1,200 carefully selected wines.

Aman Tokyo - Garden Reception

The hotel is home to a Cigar Lounge, with a built in humidor,and a Resident’s Library, a fundamental element of any Aman, which is lined with books on Japanese art and culture, as well as some Japanese artefacts.

Meticulously designed for both leisure and business travellers, Aman Tokyo’s 84 rooms and suites are spacious and modern, drawing inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic. Each room and suite has a large furo, a deep soaking tub and a core part of the Japanese ritual of bathing.

Facing the Imperial Palace Gardens, Deluxe Rooms at 764 square are the largest entry-level rooms in the city. With large foyers and spacious bathrooms, Premier Rooms look towards the Tokyo Skytree , the tallest building in Japan, while the Suites, starting at 1,517 square ft , feature spacious open-plan living rooms and pantries. Corner Suites provide panoramic views from the corners of the building, and Aman Suites are the largest at 1,689 square ft offering an abundance of space and spectacular views.

Aman Tokyo - Aman Suite Bathroom

Extending over two floors, the wellness facilities cover 26,900 square ft and include an Aman Spa with eight treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, a Yoga studio, a Pilates Studio equipped with the latest apparatus and a 322 Square ft -swimming pool stretching across the skyscape. Facilities include steam rooms and traditional Japanese hot baths.

The moment the Aman acquisition was completed, the Aman Tokyo project became  top priority, After a lot of hard work to secure and fund the project, we are delighted that it came to such a successful conclusion for all parties involved. Aman Tokyo is the first of a new generation of Aman properties in cities that appeal to discerning luxury consumers such as New York, London, Paris and Singapore. Aman city retreats will become an integral part of the Aman strategy and having been an Amanjunkie for many years, I am deeply passionate about, and protective of, the Aman brand.”

Melonie Wang

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