Thailand Hotels Don’t Want You To Know This ...

Thailand Hotels Don’t Want You To Know This One Little Secret

Luxury hotels in Thailand don’t want you to know this one little secret.  Next time you travel to Thailand – skip the luxury 5 star hotels.  There’s a secret that you may not know.  Why pay for a hotel suite when you can have an entire mansion at an affordable price. You can rent on Airbnb an entire mansion reminiscent of MTV Cribs with a full staff and anything you want. Usually these cribs are somewhat secluded on top of a hill with infinity pools and breathtaking views of the ocean, sunset, and land below. Or if you prefer, there are listings that are beachfront with equally amazing luxurious offers.  Many times, if you’re somewhat on a what is called a rich budget, it’s more worth it when you have a bigger group traveling with you. You want to spend your money wisely obviously and this is good bang for the buck indeed.You can have everyone together, under one roof (albeit different wings of the complex), with full service meals and car service to and from the city.Although, some islands are more expensive than others if you break it down per person, it’s still a very viable cost.  Often times, the cost is the same or less than 5 star hotels. Clients can receive so much more service, luxury, and views. Next time you decide to venture to Thailand, don’t forget to look into Airbnbs and live like a king.

By Ada Hsieh


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