Summer Opening; Innovative Cultural Center By Fam...

Summer Opening; Innovative Cultural Center By Famed Zaha Hadid Architects

New photos reveal the Zaha Hadid Architectss-designed Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Centre nearing completion in China. Is Due for completion this Fall. The 1 Million 150 thousand square ft, cultural complex is located beside Meixi Lake in Changsha, the capital of the Hunan province. It contains a theater, contemporary art museum and a smaller multi-purpose venue, in three sinuous, petal-shaped buildings.

Embodying values of functionality, elegance and innovation, the Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture & Arts Center aims to become the new cultural and civic node for the city of Changsha, and well as global cultural destination, when the project broke ground in 2015.

Although these civic institutions are uniquely defined and separate, they supply each other in all respects within its setting with plazas offering visitors a tapestry-like sequence of urban ambiances that relate to the different institutions, inject the site with urban vitality.

The photos reveal that the exterior of each building in the Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Center has been completed, featuring the studio’s signature white, fluid facades, punctured by curving panes of glass. They sit atop a giant, stepped plaza, forming pathways with routes to the surrounding area.

The complex’s centerpiece is The Grand Theater, which will be the “largest performance venue in the city” and hold performances for up to 1,800 people.

It will be complete with “all the necessary front of house functions”, such as lobbies, cloakrooms, bars, restaurants, and VIP hospitality, as well as the rehearsal rooms and backstage facilities.

The Small Theater is designed for flexibility. It can be adapted into a number of different configurations, with a maximum capacity of 500 seats. It will also open out to a sunken courtyard lined with restaurants and shops.

By Melonie Wang

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