Sophistication and Cuisine During Miami Art Basel ...

Sophistication and Cuisine During Miami Art Basel In Artistic Intimacy At The Most Exclusive Event

Imagine a place where you can meet the most VIP of all VIP’s and enjoy the most sophisticated pieces of art while sipping on the most expensive wines. This is what the blk Clok Miami is.


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“An experiential journey into a creative world of sensory delights, arousing the senses to sublime consummation. A select group of transformative event artists transports your senses to other-worldly environments. Touch, taste, feel, smell and hear your world metamorphose around you. The night features a tasting menu from two of Asia’s finest Michelin-starred chefs, excitingly centered around virtual reality.”Image result for art performance
The event will take place on November 28th and 29th in Miami (the exact location will be disclosed to guests only on the day of the event), and the price is $6000 per ticket $3,500 If booked before November 25th. For more information on the event contact  All the guests will be met and drove in a personal car to the place, where they will enjoy the “sophistication in artistic intimacy.” Image result for art performanceDuring the event, you will enjoy the works of selected artists that will amaze all your senses, the chefs’ culinary masterpieces made with the finest ingredients and watch performances of your favorite musicians.

As a cherry on top of this fabulous cake, you will also have a chance to introduce yourself to the finest champagne opener that has ever existed. An 18K solid gold Champagne Key® is a precious tool that transforms the opening of a champagne bottle from a pretty dangerous activity (the average speed of the cork is 20 miles per hour) into art. BTW, you can order a personal engraving on your Champagne Key to making a unique present to the loved one (or yourself). For more information visit

By Raina Shepeleva

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