Smouldering Gaze: Three Best Eye-Shadows for Smoky...

Smouldering Gaze: Three Best Eye-Shadows for Smoky Eyes

Happy 2017, dear readers!

In the past, you may have noticed that we posted an article, along with a video, that featured a smoky eye tutorial.  Now that you know how to do it, we thought we’d bring you another treat: the three best eye-shadows to use when doing a smoky eye.  While you can use any shadow you want, there are certain textures and types that work best, simply because they blend well.  That’s right: the secret to the smoky eye is blending, and using the right brushes.

But, this isn’t about blending or brushes; we’ll save that for another article.  And if you want to do a smoky eye right, it’s important that you know the tools of the trade, in this case, eye-shadow.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and look at three of the best eye-shadows for achieving a smoky eye.

Number One: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette-Urban Decay


summer2015_urbandecaynakedsmoky0041We’ve mentioned Urban Decay before, and you can bet we’ll mention them again.

Why do we love this one? The palette comes with a rich variety of shades and colors, ranging from glittery to solid, making possibilities of pairing one color with the other absolutely endless.  We absolutely adore these colors: High, Slanted, Dagger, and Radar.  Try coupling High with Radar, or maybe Smolder with Password and see what amazing looks you can come up with!

Number Two: Stroke of Midnight Smoky Eye-Shadow Palette-M.A.C.


We had to give a shout-out to M.A.C again.  When it comes to make-up, they certainly know what they are talking about, and their smoky eye-shadow palette, does not disappoint.

While anyone can wear these colors, we recommend them for people with warm skin tones, as colors such as golds and browns, tend to pop out more.

How to tell if you’re warm skin-toned?  It’s simple: take a look at your veins on your under-arm.  If they are blue or purple in color, you have cool skin-tones.  If they look green, then you have warm skin-tones.

Easy enough.

Number Three: Big Beautiful Eyes-Benefit



benefit-sets-big_beautiful_eyesBenefit is a wonderful make-up company, and the colors chosen for this eye-shadow palette are perfect for when you want that sultry look, but don’t want to go too overboard or make your eyes too dramatic looking.

And yes, we know it says contouring kit, but it can also double as a smoky eye-shadow palette.

For daytime, the brown, pink and gold shades are perfect, due to the fact that they provide a natural look.  In short: we’re pretty hooked.


There are many great smoky eye-shadow palettes out there on the market, but we love these the most.

What is your go-to eye-shadow for smoky eyes?  Let us know in the comments!


By Lia Salem

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