Shopping in Switzerland

Switzerland – a land of beautiful mountains, lakes, and historic buildings. You’ll do well to find a destination easier on the eyes than this. Alongside these attractions, the shopping opportunities in Switzerland are endless.

Swiss Chocolates
Lindt, Milka, Toblerone…I could list many more excellent Swiss chocolate manufacturers. I would highly encourage you to find a charming café and select chocolates to your heart’s content. Swiss chocolate has the remarkable ability to melt inside your mouth. Most impressively, there’s a silky feeling to the chocolate, which creates a mouth-watering appeal. Honestly, does anyone do chocolate better than the Swiss? Fair enough, the Belgians will probably raise their hands in defiance, but that’s a debate for another day.

Wooden Clocks
I remember stepping inside a Swiss clock store and feeling mesmerized. Almost every wooden clock had multiple moving parts such as pendulums and little birds that popped out above the number twelve. These clocks have found a place among my fondest memories because my uncle’s house now plays host to a tiny yellow bird that emerges every hour to chirp. My conception of his house would now be utterly incomplete without this piece from Switzerland.

Rolex Watches
Perhaps you’ve seen Roger Federer, the greatest male tennis player of all time, promoting Rolex watches. Objectively, one can see the magic of this combination, which plainly states that Rolex strives to be the best watch manufacturer in the world.

From a subjective point of view, I have to admire the multidimensional nature of Rolex. They have the more classic black and silver watches, which are easy on the eyes, but they also dive into bolder and flashier combinations involving the color blue.

Swiss Army Knives
The main advantage of visiting a knife retailer in Switzerland involves speaking with the experts. Perhaps you simply want a souvenir with a knife, corkscrew, and magnifying glass incorporated. Those with a desire for more functionality will be guided towards knives with saws, screwdrivers, tweezers, and nail files among other tools.

Photo Credits: Movit, Stefano Ember, Fedor Selivanov x 3, Lerner Vadim,, Jeafish Ping, Massimo Salesi, Jeafish Ping, and Infocus respectively /

By: Kishan Patel


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