Ringing in the New Year: New York City 2019 Editio...

Ringing in the New Year: New York City 2019 Edition

New York City has plenty of everything. Thousands of restaurants, hundreds of bars and clubs, dozens of museums and endless cultural activities. So it’s no surprise that this land of choices provides many for ringing in the New Year. Celebrating this holiday has forever been fascinating to me because it shows how much stock people put into turning the calendar. There are those who prefer bringing in the year with a small group of friends at a house party or a local bar. There is also a faction who buy tickets for big parties where 3-5 hour open bars are commonplace. These tickets can range from $90- $500+. Some people enjoy concerts that play through midnight. And then there those who brave the extreme cold and huddle together for the Times Square ball drop.

This New Year’s Eve promises to be an especially frigid one, so it takes a special kind of person to line up hours beforehand to go through a security check and wait with hordes of people outside. NYC will be on high alert for any suspicious activity after several incidents in the past couple of months. If this isn’t your fancy, you can enjoy a 6 hour open bar at Dallas BBQ Times Square for $289. Or a party at Bowlmor Lanes Bowling Alley for $199, enjoying a 5 hour open bar. And let’s not forget 1Oak where tickets start at $299 general admission and go up to $5000 for a 12 person VIP package.

So many possibilities. What will you choose? Happy New Year!


By Lenz Pierre-Lys


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