Ring in the New Year: Top Ten Best Dressed Ladies ...

Ring in the New Year: Top Ten Best Dressed Ladies of the Week

It’s that time again!  The time where we bring you the top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week.

You didn’t think we’d stop doing that, did you?  Oh, no, no, no, dear readers.  Fashion is never over.  Fashion existed since before the days of Queen Marie Antoinette, and it is here to stay.

Sightings from award shows to out and about, these ladies are wearing the latest fashions designers have to showcase, and we’re giving you the treat of viewing them today.


So, let’s get started, shall we?


Number Ten: Alicia Hannah

alicia-hannah-2nd-annual-moet-moment-film-festival-01Alicia Hannah beams at the camera during the 2nd Moet Moment Film Festival.  The outfit she is wearing consists of black pants that stop a few inches above her ankles, with a pair of beige high heeled shoes.  Her top, a spaghetti strap, is silver in color and is layered.  The look is both fun and flirty, and we think it would go over very well at parties.

Number Nine: Hayden Panetierre

hayden-panettiere-at-aols-build-speaker-series-02-662x944Seen at AOL Builds Speaker Series, Panetierre looked absolutely radiant in her extremely cute ensemble, and we love the colors chosen for the design.  A black mini dress reaching just above the knees, followed by a red plaid sweater like top with ruffles at the sleeves.  The neckline also had ruffles sewn in, and feminine black pumps complete the outfit.  Red and black certainly do look very good on her.

Number Eight: Nicole Kidman

nicole-kidman-style-double-shot-fashion-times-talks-lion-screening-michael-kors-tom-lorenzo-site-2Spotted at the Mamarrazzi Screening of Lion in a silver and black getup that looks quite elegant on her.  A long-sleeved stripped silver and black sweater top with pearl like beads sewn in accompanies a mermaid like skirt that hugs her hips, only to flair out just above her ankles.  Strappy heels finish off the ensemble, making Kidman look very sophisticated indeed.

Number Seven: Natalie Portman

natalie-portman-e4bc7134-ebef-4be7-8a4e-8b2e6e2cab78Natalie Portman looked stunning at the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in an all black maternity gown.  The gown trailed all the way down to floor, covering her feet.  The neckline crisscrossed against a mesh long-sleeved top.  She is also wearing a pair of very beautiful earrings.  Portman is a very talented actress, and we think she looks very dramatic in this all black look.

Number Six: Carly Steele

carly-steeleAnother celebrity sighting at the  2nd Moet Moment Film Festival, Carly Steele impresses in a dress, and we think it’s a great look for her. The dress is white with a high-low hem (the hems of the dress are uneven; one is higher than the other).  One layer looks to be made of a net like material over a solid one.  Encircling her waist is a thin red belt, and roses the color of roses had been delicately sewn in.  Since roses are considered by many to be a winter floral, we think the floral addition is an appropriate choice.

Number Five: Paris Hilton

6-paris-hilton-1483551121-2Accompanied by her adorable pup, Paris Hilton was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles, and her choice of colors for her outfit range from a series of vivid blues to pure whites. She’s wearing a maxi dress, with white, dark and light blue diamond-like tie-dye patterns.  Pulled over the dress is a dark blue mini sweater, with a large white bow sitting on her shoulder.  Aside from her tiny dog, she also carries a woven ice blue and light beige bag, and black high heels complete her look.  The sunglasses and braided hair just adds more glamour to the outfit.

Number Four: Nicki Minaj

6-nicki-minaj-1483471108-2Nicki Minaj, sighted in Miami, wears a daring, yet bold mixed with flirty low-cut jumpsuit, as she smiles for the camera.  The jumpsuit is silver in color, the pants section stopping just at her ankles to reveal silver strappy high heels.  Accentuating her cleavage, a large diamond necklace can be seen, while on her wrists, she wears a watch on one, and a silver bracelet on the other.  Minaj looks good in many colors, but we must say that silver is one of the best on her.

Number Three: Amy Adams

rs_634x1024-170104162650-634-amy-adams-national-board-of-review-gala-mh-010417Amy Adams looks glamorous in her outfit at the National Board of Review Gala. The dress consists of a mesh top, revealing subtle traces of skin, covered in black lacy floral patterns.  See-through mesh sleeves trail down to large and flowy cuff-like ones.  She is also wearing a thin black skirt, that stops inches above her ankles, and black high heeled shoes finish off the outfit.  It’s a very good look for Adams, and we hope to see more of this style on her, in the future.

Number Two: Nicole Kidman

nicole-kidmanWe’re mentioning Kidman again.  Another celebrity spotted at the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala, Kidman’s gown looks beautiful on her.  It is a spaghetti-strap, beige in color, sporting several layers of delicate mesh.  Designs of hearts, stars, mischievous faces and wings can be seen, giving the gown an edgy look.   The neckline is low cut, and on her neck rests a small necklace with what appears to be purple stones.  The color of the gown goes well with her hair, and the style itself overall looks wonderful on Kidman.

Number One: Ruth Negga


All eyes need to be on this gown, now.  Don’t look at anything else.  Put down your remote, your wineglass, your kid (if you have kids), anything you are holding, and just look at this dress.

Negga was another celebrity spotted at the 28th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala, Negga wears a flora-liked pattern maxi dress, and we think it looks absolutely stunning on her.  It is a spaghetti strap, the top of the dress is see-through, and is covered in floral patterns of reds, pinks, greens, blues, purples and blacks.  Almost every vivid color of the rainbow is on this gown, and we say the more color, the better (provided that you don’t use colors that clash.  However, if clashing colors are your thing, then by all means, clash away.  Fashion is freedom.)  The skirt part of the maxi dress is also see-through, revealing a short light green skirt.  Negga’s hair has also been elegantly finished in an elegant braided up-do.  She wears no jewelry, but we take no issues with what.  With a dress this lovely, she doesn’t need any.  It’s an amazing look that truly deserves the number one spot.


Readers, what did you think of this week’s best dressed?  Do you have a favorite look?  Sound off in the comments!


by Lia Salem


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