Reverse Your Skincare Problems “Verso Skin&#...

Reverse Your Skincare Problems “Verso Skin”

Just a quick note, Verso is Latin for reverse. Verso was launched in 2013 as a utility-minded contribution to skincare, committed to providing essential products that effectively target the skin’s daily needs. Verso’s ultimate goal is to make it easier to combine a healthy skincare routine with busy contemporary life by offering products that deliver performance without fuss. It was a derivative Retinol 8 that propelled Verso into existence. By clinically testing different concentrations of Retinol 8 under the supervision of doctors from Karolinska University Hospital in the early 2010s, Verso founder Lars Fredriksson arrived at a formulation that proved to be eight times as effective and half as irritative as traditional Retinol.

Super Facial Serum


Verso Super Facial Serum is a fluid serum for healing and strengthening the skin with Retinol 8 which is a stabilized Vitamin A complex that is eight times more effective than standard Retinol and half as irritative. It boosts the skin’s natural production of collagen and considerably reduces the signs of aging. The Verso Super Facial Serum maximizes the anti-aging effect thanks to the serum’s higher dose of Retinol 8. It also contains amino acids that increase skin cell quality and renewal. The serum improves the skin’s texture and ability to reduce wrinkles and discoloration.

As a self confessed product junkie…this is honestly one of the first products that actually does what it claims to do. It’s been three weeks of using this product in the morning and at night i was surprised at how noticeable that my frown and other lines definitely reduced and became less visible. It worked to re-energize my complexion. Makes my combination skin feel soft very hydrated and plump, i was so pleased the serum did not cause pilling when I combined it with other products. Love Love Love It!



Verso Super Eye Serum rejuvenates the delicate skin around your eyes for a more refreshed appearance. Amino acids nourish and fortify to tone and reduce puffiness while smoothing the appearance of creping skin. Powered by Retinol 8 complex, this eye serum features a potent dose of retinol to help firm and soften fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet without the irritating effects of traditional retinol formulas.

The is one of the best eye serum I have ever used to date. It has a very light weight texture and was soft to the touch when applying to my face. I noticed a slight tingling sensation, which was cool and refreshing, I loved it!. It absorbs perfectly and and quite fast with no irritation, to the sensitive areas around my eyes. My fine lines have significantly been less visible after only 3 weeks of using this great product. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in puffiness, and my pigmentation issues. The results: brighter, firmer and rested looking eyes.



Verso Night Cream helps your skin to feel healthy and look younger. Its unique Retinol 8 complex features retinyl retinoate, a retinol alternative, to boost collagen production and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while being gentle on your skin. Rich in antioxidants, it combats and repairs free-radical damage to keep your complexion looking youthful and radiant.

As mentioned I tend to have very sensitive skin, pretty much everywhere, so I tend to approach skincare products with caution. I’ve been verso about 3 weeks now, I really like it! It literally transformed my skin. It quickly and easily absorbs, doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. Doesn’t burn my skin all. When I wake up in the morning, I literally look in the mirror for a few minutes (yes you heard that right) to check the results of products i’m using. My face is fresh and feels very soft. I can already tell a difference around my eyes. I can see that my skins texture is smoother and firmer.



Verso Dark Spot Fix is a fading and lightening corrector with a high concentration of Retinol 8 complex for an even skintone. Verso Dark Spot Fix helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots due to aging, sun damage and acne scarring. Developed with niacinmide and curcumine to inhibit the production of melanin, it is considered the most potent of all Verso skin care products. May be used on face, hands or body.

There’s a lot you can do to treat dark spots—I try different brands manly because of my position here at Haute D’ Vie. When Verso Dark Spot Fix was sent with the line for review, once again I was excited to try another Verso product. Since I’ve been using the products from the line one more to try. I’ve only been using this particular cream for a about two weeks, mainly on a few sunspots on my face. Knowing the brand as i do now, I was not surprised at the results, but I wasn’t expecting anything so quickly. Definitely lightened the dark spot on my cheeks. My skin was smooth and refined and my skin appeared healthier, younger and more even-toned.



The Vero mask delivers deep hydration with prolonged effect. Its patented Artificial Moisturizing Factor (AMF) supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Due to the powerful absorption ability of the AMF’s small silica particle structure the skin can stay well hydrated

Wow, these masks are incredible. amazes me when you try a skincare product that gives you instant visible improvement this is that product. The masks consists of two parts: for the lower and upper parts of the face, it sits well on the skin, does not slip down and the gel felt like a refreshing cling to my face. They’re so intensely hydrating and moisturizing that my skin looks and feels smooth, plumped and hydrated. My fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. I only been using it once a week for an instant, “pick me up“. And boy has it picked me up!!

Like most Verso Products this line, is a High-End brand and so is the cost. But are’t you worth it?

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