Prom 2017 Series: Makeup Inspo’s

Yes ladies and gents, tis that time of year again! The day you’ve been waiting for since kindergarten as you watched the Disney characters you looked up to from your favorite movies and shows get all dolled up, find that perfect dress, with the perfect date, ending the night with the perfect kiss. Yup, that’s right….. PROM! As reality kicks in and the realization that puberty has not fully come to an end, you start to realize prom is not as perfect as you dreamt it to be. Most of us try on +50 dresses by which neither can we afford nor fit into. Stressing til last minute about a date; watching as every other friend posts their cute promposals, and surrendering to go with your mothers’ friends son who picks his nose and spends his free time playing video games.

Then again, prom is (for seniors especially), one of your last chances to make an impression on the people you grew up with and show off the amazing person you have become. That person that broke your heart; that friend you’ve been in love with, even after being hardcore friend zoned; those mean girls who made you feel small and not good enough; all together in one place. Prom is your Cinderella moment; your chance to take everyone who made you feel inferiors breath away. It’s also the memories you make and the moments you capture as this chapter in your life slowly continues to fade. I think by now you can catch my jift; prom is not a joke and it will really ruin your vibe if you look like one! That’s why I am here to help! Starting with the first segment to my Prom 2017 / Senior Year Series: Prom Makeup!


One of the most important factors to a look is your makeup, especially for prom! Expecting the weather to be nice, with all the outdoor lighting and camera flashes, the right application and presentation is everything. Of course, everyone has their own personal style, but there is a line between too much and too little when it comes to prom. Color coordination is also a must when choosing your makeup look. Remember, this is your time to shine, make a statement, be unique, give off that revenge glow. When choosing your look, pick what makes you feel as if you brought the light into the room. Something that makes you feel beautifully you! Before I give you the rundown on the best products and how to prep/ apply/ and make it last, here are some prom makeup inspirations to glance upon:



By Kelsey Porter


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