Ode to Masculinity- Five Spring 2019 Colognes for ...

Ode to Masculinity- Five Spring 2019 Colognes for Men

Smelling good and fashionable definitely isn’t excluded to just women.  No, many famous designers who have their own perfumes have not only catered to women, but men as well. Today, we will be looking at the spring colognes for men for 2019 , and we have picked out the best ones that we believe men everywhere will love.  Scents that encompass the richness of masculinity mixed in with a dose of complete sexiness.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll find one that will drive your significant other absolutely crazy.

Let’s not waste any more time with an introduction, and get ready to experience five of the best colognes for men for spring of 2019


Number One: Gentleman Only Absolute-Givenchy


Givenchy does it once again with an amazing scent, and this one is sure to be on your top list of colognes.

This cologne captures the essence of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by subtle hint of saffron and pepper, guaranteed to make your new scent a hot topic at any party.


Number Two:  L’Homme-Prada

o-43082There is absolutely no way that we could do this post without mentioning the magnificent Prada, and when we got a whiff (get it, whiff) of the news of this fragrance, we knew we had to include it.

With Prada L’Homme, you’ll be treated to floral hints of iris and geranium, along with some patchouli.  But don’t let that fool you; it is still a very masculine scent, that is both subtle, yet powerful, at the same time.


Number Three: Sauvage-Dior


Notes of bergamot and cedar make an appearance in this fragrance.  And since Dior is very well known for their line of fragrances, so we knew this one would surely be a hit. If you need any more convincing, here is a little something from the man in charge of all Dior fragrances himself, François Demachy “To create Sauvage,

I used man as my starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity. Like the image of a man who transcends time and fashion”

It’s a yes for us, and we hope it’s a yes for you.

Number Four: MAN IN RED-Ferrari




No, Ferrari doesn’t just make awesome cars that you just want to hop in and drive around at high speeds that only a race-car driver could accomplish (not that we recommend you doing that).  They’re also known for their line of scents, and this one just happened to make it on to our list.

MAN IN RED encompasses luxurious notes of cedar, cardamom and lavender, making it a very sought after brand by men.

Number Five: Armani Code-Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani is one of the most well known designers in the fashion industry, so it makes sense that he would come out with an equally powerful cologne. Bergamot is the main aroma you will smell when applying this, followed by hints of jasmine and rosemary.  Citrusy, sweet and herbal, this cologne will surely be hit for you this winter.

And those were our five picks for men’s colognes for winter 2016.  Each one is designed to fit your masculine needs, and will surely keep you warm for the winter months.

By: Lia Salem

  1. I have used L’Homme-Prada perfumes many times. Really it is still a favorite scent for me. I know about your five picks cologne but some of them I did not use. After reading your post I am felling attraction to use. Thanks, Lia Salem for your good article.

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