No-Part Hair You Can Learn From Gigi Hadid

No-Part Hair You Can Learn From Gigi Hadid

Now, when Gigi Hadid’s name is equality to all thing trendy and cool, it’s hard to imagine any fashion week or red carpet without her signature no-part hair styles that she took to the next level on the AMAs Red Carpet this year. And since we’re getting closer to the Holiday Season, we’ve decided that it’s a perfect time to learn a lesson or two on how to wear no-part hair and look fabulous at any party or celebration.
1. The Updo
The updo hair is a bit safer choice if you’re not ready to go all the way, but want to do something with your hair. It’s perfect for a night out – and for dinner with family and friends. You just need a ton of bobby pins, some volumizing spray and to braid your ponytail – voila, the top knot is done in just a few minutes. We love this style because you can wear it with a chunky scarf and your hair won’t tangle up!
2. The Lob
When Hadid arrived at the 2015 American Music Awards red carpet, everyone got shocked: did she chop her locks?! The answer was no, she just faked it. We think it’s an excellent way to experiment with your hair and have no regrets afterward! So, you’ll definitely need some short strands to create an illusion of a shortcut, while your longer strands will be pulled back behind the ears and hidden under a half wig. That’s it!
3. The High Volume
This one is for all those girls dreaming of incorporating their long hair into any other trend but beachy waves. To recreate this romantic and futuristic look, you’ll need a tangle brush, volumizing hair spray, a handful of strategically deployed bobby pins and a curling iron. This look will pair perfectly with an open shoulders dress and a pretty little pendant or a choker.

by Raina Shepeleva

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