New Years – Just Me, but Better

The new year started off in bed with an amazing man. He turned around to me and said the dreaded words, “I think we need to have a chat.” My heart started to race. I already knew where this was going. I’ve known him for only 2 weeks and during that time, I was extremely infatuated. He was Australian! I’m just a girl from Texas! It was new, and so taking off my makeup before bed was still a little tough. So naturally, I looked like a drunken mess with black eye boogies and effed up eye makeup and half smeared lipstick.

“I don’t want a relationship,” he said.

Sigh. I’ve heard that way too many times. He left with good intentions and lingering emotions. He was moving to London in a few months – of course he had no room for me in his life.
I dragged my hungover body to the shower and washed my face off, eye boogies and all.

I needed a refresher for my skin with all the inebriated fun from the prior night. I tore open the package of Boscia’s Green Tea Mattifying Hydrogel Mask. They do not play around with the gel. The package was overflowing with the gel that it was messy and icky to get out of the package. What I did like was that the mask was cut into 2 pieces. One for the upper half of your face – nose and eyes. The second piece for your bottom half of your face. The mask was also cut into segments so you could easily place and contour the mask pieces to fit the shape of your face, making it universal for many face shapes and sizes. I left the mask on for 20 minutes as instructed and sat there thinking about this amazing creature that just left my apartment. My heart was a little hurt, but he had told me he was moving the 2nd date we had, which happened to be on Christmas. The gel soaked into my face just as reality was.

Things are what they are. Time will tell and the Universe has its own plans. The only thing for me to do now was wash away another year and take care of my body and soul.

The Boscia mask states to leave on the remaining gel after the appointed 20 mins. To pat it into your skin. Unlike other of these types of masks, the ending lotion/gel substances ends up weighing my skin down as I reapply makeup for the day. I didn’t feel this way with this one. I put on my makeup as usual and smiled at my face in the mirror. My skin looked smoother and hydrated. I think this was my fave out of all of these crazy looking face masks. No remnants of the past night, nor of a sore heart. “Happy New Years, my dear,” I told myself, “This year is your’s and no one else’s.”

That was my new year’s for 2018. Didn’t see that one coming now did ya?!

During that time I really came into myself and focused on my own growth. I met the love of my life and we started dating Independence Day weekend of July 2017. When you’re a little older like me…like celebrating your 25th birthday, for the 7th time…you just know when you meet the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe The Universe knew I wasn’t mentally ready to handle a grown mature man until I was grown and mature.

Happy 2019 Lovelies! Believe in yourself. Love yourself!

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by Ada Hsieh


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