New Montblanc Collection Inspired By Sun Signs

New Montblanc Collection Inspired By Sun Signs

Inspired by the Zodiac signs, Montblanc has created the new Rooster Limited Edition 512 and unveiled the Water Dragon Limited Edition 88 that celebrates the mythical creatures and their majesty. The Rooster 512 pen is a part of the Signs and Symbols collection that was introduced in 2015. Each year, the series offers a new pen dedicated to the zodiac sign of that year. Image result for montblanc monkey
Following the introduction of the Monkey as the first Montblanc Legend of Zodiacs pen, this year the brand offers the Rooster 512 that has been created to reflect the modern influence of Eastern culture. The pen comes with a silver cap and a contrasting black lacquer barrel, while the zodiac symbol is etched on the solid gold nib and the cap’s top features the birth years relevant to the roster sun sign. If that wasn’t enough, the pen encrusted with a yellow citrine (the birthstone of people born under this sign) and represents the lucky number 8.
The Dragon 88 pen features a sterling silver cap (similar to the 146 fountain pen) and comes with a solid champagne gold nib and features a Montblanc emblem that is made pearl and a faceted amethyst (the birthstone of the dragon’s year). The dragon edition is limited to only 88 pieces, each of them has a lucky number 8. If that isn’t a great Christmas gift, we don’t know what could be!


by Raina Shepeleva

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