A Nasir Mazhar x Topman Street Style Collaboration...

A Nasir Mazhar x Topman Street Style Collaboration is on its Way

British fashion designer Nasir Mazhar has just announced an upcoming collaboration with Topman. The acclaimed London-based designer has created a 10-piece collection that consists of athletic-inspired apparel. From baby blue, logo stamped crew necks to multi colored tracksuits, the collection will definitely make a splash when it hits stores on September 8 and on September 6. As far as selling goes, you can expect a much more affordable version of Mazhar’s designs in this collection. Prices are expected to range from about 30 to 105 dollars.

Open-shoot-01v2-350x300Mazhar told dazed that “the best thing about the collaboration is being able to reach a wider audience. I think that’s really important.” Topman, being a multinational, affordable retailer, will most certainly allow the designer to connect with a more wider range audience. Check out the collection below.


 By Melonie Wang

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