Most Popular Glasses in 2019 for Men

I’m sure that your perception of a hipster incorporates someone who practically lives at coffee shops and poetry slams. If so, you’re probably fairly on target with that perception.

While hipsters aim to draw a line in the sand between themselves and conformists, their glasses have become ironically mainstream. Perhaps this popularity has to do with how the glasses can tie together almost any outfit and offer an admirable sturdiness at the same time.

Thin Metal:
In contrast to the hipster glasses, thin metal offers a far lighter alternative. I’ve also found that suits combine wonderfully with thin metal glasses. The outcome provides a sleek and modern look for those who want “no nonsense.”

When choosing this style, the angle of the glass nearest to the nose can be sharper or wider. Also note that aviator eyeglasses (not sunglasses) can convey a maturity that few other styles can match.

Personally, square glasses are the best fit for my facial features, but if you’re lucky enough to pull off circle glasses, then more power to you! In terms of colors, you’re probably safe with a black or gold pair.

Photo Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Baranq, gpointstudio, Tei Sinthip, Dima Sidelnikov, Olena Hromova, Federico Barone, Supaporn Kaewlumpoon, Wayhome Studio, Ivan Statkevych, and ArthurStock respectively /

By: Kishan Patel


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