Miami Art Basel: The Weekend Delights

Art Basel 2017 is wrapping up its shows as thousands of visitors from all over the world flocked to Miami for the event. It featured a multitude of artists showcasing paintings, sculptures, and installations for the world to see. And make no mistake, the world is watching. Miami Art Basel is one of three yearly Basel events (the other two are in Basel, Switzerland and Hong Kong) so all of the elite art buyers, art galleries, museums, and collectors have high interest. Each location is strategically placed around the globe, so this December North American show brings out the region’s talent yearly.

There has been a boom in popularity recently for Miami Art Basel. To correlate: South By Southwest was a small nichey festival in Austin, Texas and became a huge cultural phenomenon because of word-of-mouth and the Internet. Likewise, the age of new technology is turning in positive results for Miami Art Basel. Musicians are performing at art installations, hosting after parties at a premium, and building their brand to a different crowd. Influencers and content creators find hidden gems and help their fan base appreciate the art.

The art world is more popular than ever. As the auctions are showing, money paid for artwork is higher than ever. Old money, new money, tech business, hedge funds all contribute to the sustained interest. All signs point to Art Basel becoming larger and more powerful. There’s no slowing down this art scene.

By Lenz Pierre-Lys


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