Line Em’ Up! Three Lip-Liners You Should Tr...

Line Em’ Up! Three Lip-Liners You Should Try

We’ve got a question for you: name one item that no beauty guru would ever leave the house without?

Give up?  It’s lip-liner.

Lip-liner exists to define the outline of your lips, and make them appear to look plumper than they actually are.  If these babies aren’t a tool of makeup magic, then we don’t know what is.

And here at Haute d’Vie, we’ve got the scoop for which lip-liners are the best in the world of make-up.

But before we get into that, we’d like to share with you some help tips.  Are you ready?

Tip number one: always make sure your lip-liner is freshly sharpened, if it’s a pencil liner.  This ensures that your liner goes on smoothly and with precision.  Of course, if you like using a crème liner, go for it.  The whole point is to use a liner that you love.

Tip number two: Choose a liner that matches/is very close to your natural lip color.  You can also choose one that matches the color of lipstick you’ll be wearing.

Got it?  Good.

And on that note, get ready to make sure your lip-liner skill is top notch; here are three of the best lip liners you need to try.


Number One: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil




Many make up fanatics swear by Urban Decay, and we’re pretty sure they’d rave about this product, as well.  It goes on smoothly, is waterproof, and lasts all day, so you won’t have to worry about reapplying it.

In other words, what’s not to love about this one?  Everyone who’s worn make up, or at the very least, lip-liner understands the pain of having to reapply and constantly touch up your lips, so that it doesn’t look like your sporting a clown mouth.  The fact that this lasts all day, means this lip-liner earns some extra points from us.

Urban Decay offers this lip-liner in many colors, including Venom, 69, Bang, Obsessed, Cruz, Blackmail, Naked, Streak and Anarchy.


Number Two: M.A.C. Cremestick Liner



This one is another go-to for many beauty gurus, and we suggest you join the club.

Users absolutely adore it, because the liner can be out on very easily, and with no hassle.  The liner is available in following colors: Cream o’ Spice, Red Enriched, Pink Treat, and Sublime Culture, among many others.

So if you’re ever at your local mall and you see a M.A.C Cosmetics stall or shop, hop on right over and make sure you leave with this all-too amazing lip liner.


Number Three: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip-Liner



This lip-liner is absolutely perfect, because it’s easy apply for beginners, and can be sharpened, so you always know it’ll go on perfectly.  It also comes in a variety of fun and sexy colors, such as red dynamite, nude, wine, rose quartz and mauve shimmer.

What’s more, you don’t have to go to a high-end make up boutique to add this little beauty to your collection, as it is widely available at any drugstore near you.


Many make up brands are chalk full of lip-liners, but we believe these three are ones you should definitely try.

What’s your go-to lip liner?  Let us know in the comments!

By Lia Salem


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