Leading Ladies: Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebr...

Leading Ladies: Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of the Week

It’s that time again!  The time where we bring you the top ten best dressed female celebrities of 2016 of the week, and this time, you are in for a treat.

We’ll be looking at some lovely ladies who really know how to strike a pose and work the camera, always showing their best side.

Why don’t we take a  gander at each one, here are the top ten best dressed female celebrities that shone for this week.

Number Ten: Jessica Albala-ig-wwd-jessica-alba-rick-caruso-ladure-the-grove-20161222

Caught on camera at the opening of Laudree’s in Los Angeles, Alba is all smiles as she poses in a rather cute little ensemble, consisting of a long sleeved black turtle neck shirt and a black and white zebra-like patterned skirt.  On her feet, she wears black boots that zip up in the front, and a little black purse completes the outfit all together.  Simple, yet elegant, we think this is a very good look for Alba.


Number Nine: Zendaya


It looks like Jumpsuits are coming back into fashion, and Zendaya was spotted wearing one, covered in velvet gold.

And we say, bring them back into fashion!  They’re stylish, they’re comfortable, and best of all, you can wear any pair of shoes with them.  After all, just look at those adorable heels Zendaya has paired to go with her outfit?  In our opinion, this is a fashion must!


Number Eight: Kate Middleton


The Duchess of Cambridge herself ditches fancy gowns and expensive jewels, trading them in for a simple floral dress as she attended a Christmas Party in London. A thick black belt by Alexander McQueen encircles her waist, and simple black high-heels finish off the outfit.

We seriously believe that Middleton can pull off any outfit, and we must say she does look absolutely beautiful.


Number Seven: Bella Hadid


Like her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid is known for some of the sexiest, outrageous and fashion forward outfits, and this one is no exception.  The outfit consists of a long sleeved midriff revealing top that has been neatly sliced below her breast bone in a rebellious, yet stylish way.  The shirt only covers half of her, leaving the other half completely bare, revealing one long, slender arm.

And the pants?  Absolutely crazy.  They remind of those cute converse shoes, lacing up in the front and on the sides.

We love this look on Bella, and hope to see more like it on her, in the future.


Number Six: Jennifer Lawrence


Lawrence attended the Los Angeles Premier of her and Chris Pratt’s film Passengers, in an all white ensemble designed by Dior.   The color of the gown itself resembles a waterfall of snow, paying an excellent tribute to the winter season.

The top of the strapless gown was a solid white.  Sewn onto one of the breast parts of the gown as a little heart; threads of red, gold and sky blue can be by the naked eye.

The skirt of the gown had been layered repeatedly with tulle, and even gave audience members and other guests at the ceremony a subtle hint of one of Lawrence’s legs.  Tiny and delicate little polka dots lined the skirt of the gown, like snowflakes against a blanket of white.


Number Five: Hillary Swank


Swank made an appearance at the 21st Annual Hauding Global Film Awards, dressed in a nude colored strapless gown with a slight sweetheart neckline that looked to be made of both tulle and satin.  Scattered across the gown were tiny golden beads that had been stitched in, creating an elaborate pattern.


Number Four: Anna Farris


Farris attended the Passengers premiere in a stunning medium-thick-strapped gown in a shade of silver with light violet undertones, which compliments her blonde hair wonderfully.

The material of the gown itself looks quite delicate.  Leading from the waist is a silver strap that travels all the way up towards Farris’ neck, into what is clearly a necklace.

We’ve seen some wonderful colors and styles on Farris before, but we’re absolutely in love with this particular color and style on her.


Number Three: Aishwarya Ajit


An Indian actress, Aishwarya Ajit attended the Masala Awards wearing a gorgeous gown.

The gown, a fashion masterpiece, consisted of a corset like top that’s the color of turquoise.  Intricately sewn in were bright gold sequins that stood out against the warm blue coloring.  The turquoise part itself seemed to go all the way down to the floor, as it can be subtly seen through a silvery tulle skirt.

We think the silver and gold against the turquoise is an excellent color ensemble on Ajit.


Number Two: Masiela Lusha


Is it just us, or are some of the most amazing gowns usually found at award shows?

We know it can’t be just us.

Masiela Lusha, another attendee of the Hauding Global Film Awards, delights everyone in this sultry floor length black gown.  The gown sported long puffy sleeves, both of which were see through.  The neckline of the gown was made of net-like material, with solid black roses that had even climbed down the sleeves of the gown.  A sexy slit could be seen traveling upwards, stopping a good few inches above Lusha’s leg.  Definitely one of our favorites, and worthy of the number two spot on this list.


Number One: Natalie Portman


Seen here at the Hauding Global Film Awards, Portman is all about the pregnancy glow.

But, it’s not that cute little bump we’re focused on.  If we were, then we’re pretty sure this post would have everything to do with maternity fashion.

The material of the gown is that of a sapphire blue, with intricate floral like designs sewn into the fabric.  Two straps sit elegantly on Portman’s shoulders, with two more straps stopping at the neckline of the gown, attaching themselves to the sleeves on her shoulders, in a v-shape.  Feather like brooches had been placed in various areas of the gown, making this a truly classic look for Portman, and certainly no wonder as to why she is our number one pick.


For your reading and viewing pleasure, that was the top ten best dressed female celebrities of the week.  Got any fashion favorites?  Let us know in the comments!


by Raina shepeleva


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