HYT Celebrates Third Anniversary with New Colorblo...

HYT Celebrates Third Anniversary with New Colorblock Collection

HYT is celebrating its third anniversary.The Swiss independent luxury watch brand that launched in 2012 revolutionizing the horological market with the use of game changing fluid technology that unites mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch. The use of hydromechanics was a first ever in the watch industry and HYT was the winner of the 2012 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prize, Best innovative Watch Concept. Having made its mark on 21st century watchmaking, the brand has now laid a colorful milestone: the Colorblock collection.
“Fun, colour, pleasure.” Three words; one theme. Such was the vision of Vincent Perriard, who co-founded HYT three years ago. As he says, “To celebrate this anniversary, we wanted to please our fans and play around a bit with what we have created, starting with our first baby – the H1. It’s an opportunity to offer enthusiasts an exclusive version of this iconic model, incorporating unique conditions. Yellow, blue and red are the three colours featured in the Colorblock collection. The colours are in tune with the spirit of HYT: imposing, fresh, explosive and uncompromising. The colours feature on the dial, the flange and the strap.

hyt-h1colorblock-lifestyle-10-copyThe yellow version is the most distinctive, as this is HYT’s trademark colour. Dynamic, flamboyant and radiant, it offers an arresting contrast with the anthracite case in Gun Metal PVD.

The blue version is the most subtle, featuring a glacial aura of a surprising depth.

hyt-h1colorblock-lifestyle-11-copyThe red version is the most radical and striking. It is the only version to incorporate just three shades: red, black (liquid) and grey (movement), with each of the other versions bearing traces of red on the power reserve and the second wheel.

Each piece features a strap in a brand new, ultra-resistant fabric specially designed for these models. Something old, and something borrowed.

The H1 Colorblock remain faithful to their ancestors (the first H1 was launched in 2012). A heartfelt tribute to the model that paved the way for radically innovative watchmaking. The most knowledgeable enthusiasts will notice a few details borrowed from HYT’s contemporary models, such as the black liquid created for the H1 Full Gold, or the minute hand developed for the H1 Ghost.

The capillary on the H1 Colorblock is partially coated in SuperLumiNova (SLN), which glows green in low light to illuminate it from below, allowing the time to be read “by deduction”: the opaque black liquid blocks light, while the clear liquid allows it through.
The H1 Colorblock launch was in October 2016, in three limited editions of 10 pieces.

“With this collection, we wanted to open up the unique world of HYT to a new generation whose primary value is creation, not imitation or bland reinterpretation of the past. HYT offers owners a breathtaking range of emotions via a new reading of time, as it both passes and – crucially – opens up before us. This is all made possible thanks to a number of patented inventions based on cutting-edge aerospace and medical technology,

By John Cicioni

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