Houda El Fechka Eddiouane’s Debut at Couture...

Houda El Fechka Eddiouane’s Debut at Couture Fashion Week New York’s 25th Season!

Designer Houda El Fechka Eddiouane present her latest collection on the runway this weekend, marking her debut at the prestigious Couture Fashion Week New York’s 25th season – and what a debut it was! Undoubtably her collection was one of the top three in the entire show!

Diverse in her roots, Houda is a Dutch Moroccan haute couture designer internationally well-known for her stunning expressions of femininity, romance and elegance intended for both Moroccan and European women alike; as well as all women globally.

Her statement pieces are appealing to the eye with stunning & exotic elegance. Integrating skillful cuts and luxurious materials with immaculate results often marked with an elegant Moroccan touch, her talent for combining assorted influences with perfectly graceful style has been capturing the world of fashion.

Houda’s passion for fashion design developed as she began sketching dresses to help out her mother who was a seamstress with a growing clientele. Today, it’s her turn to bask in an ever-growing haute couture clientele. She has successfully established two ready-to-wear lines and Zahra Haute Couture.

Stepping up her talent into another realm of design, Houda anticipates to officially launch an accessories line in the near future. Looking forward to seeing what beautiful pieces she will captivate us with post launch!


Her collection at the Couture Fashion Week New York show was enjoyable to watch. The pieces were exotic, classy, ethnic and elegant! The models were just as graceful and lovely as Houda herself. The music also matched the theme perfectly and was very appealing as it was a global mix. Easily one of the hautest desingers at the Couture Fashion Week show this year!

-Karen Bahri


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