Hotel Martinez Hosts a Marilyn Monroe Exhibition i...

Hotel Martinez Hosts a Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in Cannes

After the success of the Audrey Hepburn Exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, this year holds another pleasant surprise of old Hollywood’s celebrities. Hotel Martinez in Cannes recently became a host for a Marilyn Monroe exhibition that will run through September 6th.

The Parisian gallery of photography, La Galerie de l’Instant partnered up with Hotel Martinez to run this exclusive exhibition named “Marilyn”. The exhibition will display 30 rare images of the most recognizable blonde of the last century that are both color and black and white, including a rare photo of Hollywood superstar taken by her friend Milton Greene in 1954.

A controversial picture of Marilyn crucified and naked under a transparent veil, pictured by Bert Stern for Vogue and a sensual photo in a pool photographed by Lawrence Shiller are on the display.

The luxurious Hotel Martinez makes a great fit for the exhibition that was already seen by many of the film and fashion industries’ bigwigs.


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