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Christmas is just around the corner, and if there is something that will make gift picking easier, we’re all up for it! We’ve already created an ultimate gift guide for every woman in your life (check it here), and now it’s time to pick a present for the men – or yourself!Отображается файл "NEW RE9 Advanced Men FullSet.jpg"
1. Arbonne Anti-Aging Skin Care Line
This line has products that were specially formulated for men’s skin and its needs. “The Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra is suitable for any skin type and shows first results in just three days.”The collection features micro-exfoliating cleanser, shave cream, after-shave soothing lotion, anti-aging moisturizer with SPF15 and eye repair cream. In just four weeks, the skin elasticity and firmness will be improved, and deep lines and wrinkles will be less visible. The formula contains antioxidants and minerals that promote moisture to help dull, over-worked and tired-looking skin to appear more healthy and fresh.


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2. The Starling Project Candle Collection
This can be a perfect gift for any man who’s into all things minimalistic and modern – and, surely, into pleasant smelling indoors. These soy-based hand-poured candles offer 60 hours burning time and four sophisticated scents that will indulge your feelings with rich yet delicate scents. You can choose from four scents: juniper and saffron, vanilla and hemlock, orange flower and amber or currant and rosewood. baxter-pomade-mixer-kit
3. Baxter of California Hair Set
The line includes a grooming cream, hard cream pomade, daily protein shampoo and conditioner and clay pomade – everything, you or your man need to keep hair in great condition and create gorgeous styles right at home. The products are iInfused with natural ingredients such are clay and beeswax and is paraben-free.
4. Murdock Shaving Set
The perfect duo that any man needs! A shaving cream and a post-shaving balm are formulated with the unique addition of marshmallow and offer the modern man a soothing traditional cream with which he can use either his hands or brush and create the most indulgent shaving lather.Image result for Montez Renault
5. Montez Renault Gift Set
Your man well be grateful this winter that he has you! An excellent trio of facial moisturizer, cleanser, and a body wash by Montez Renault is a perfect addition to a winter skincare routine!Image result for Recipe for Men
6. Recipe for Men Essentials Set
There are gifts, and there are The Gifts! It’s always hard to pick up a skincare product for someone else, but Recipe for Men has all the essentials that will work for any skin type so anyone can find something special. You can choose from ultra sensitive facial cleanser, anti-shine moisturizer, energizing bronze cream, anti-shine moisturizer, and many other products. 7. Shaving Skincare by Twinluxe
There are plenty of options when it comes to stocking stuffers, but we are here to recommend you the bests of the bests. The collection features Renewing facial wash, booster serum, smooth shaving cream, instant rescue gel, soothing balm and energy mist that are non-irritating, hypo-allergenic and paraben free. This luxury skin care range is gentle on the skin for daily use and can be tailored to individual needs.Image result for Wholesaling
8. California North Skincare
There is plenty to choose from: self-tanning products, face and body scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, face and body gentle wash and more. The products are formulated based on natural ingredients and are free from salicylates, sulfates, and parabens and can be used on any skin type. Image result for california north skincare9. California North Oxygen Collection
Inspired by the active lifestyle of watersports, fitness, and vitality, O2XYGEN combines a sophisticated aesthetic with an energetic punch. The scent is clean, lively and refreshing and comes in fragrance, aftershave balm, and body spray. Image result for menscience advanced10. Advanced Skincare Set by MenScience                                                                                                                             Indulge your skin with skincare that revitalizes, smoothes and restores and is oil free. The line includes body lotion, face wash, face tonic (alcohol-free), acne pads and cleansing mask. All products are suitable for any skin type and have natural components in their ingredients. You can also try the anti-aging formula that has peptides and retinol in it and improves the appearance of fine lives and revitalizes skin texture. Or, you can try a ultralight eye-rescue formula that combats dark circles, puffiness and increases firmnees and elasticity.

by Raina Shepeleva

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