Harry Potter’s House Can Now Become Your Home

Harry Potter’s House Can Now Become Your Home

If there is something that speaks magic more than Harry Potter, that would be the following news: the house where Harry Potter spent his childhood can now become your very own home. You can put a sofa and sleep in the infamous cabin under the stairs (for a full experience), but you’ll be owning the entire house with three bedrooms, an enormous living space, and a beautiful garden. harry-potter-house-sale
The house that was fictionally named 4 Privet Drive is actually located in Bracknell has recently gone on sale with the starting price of $616,576.
The property opens with the very familiar driveway and then follows into a large reception room, to an upscale kitchen and dinner room, and then leads to the bathroom on the ground floor. There are three bedrooms on the first floor and a common restroom. Technically, this property was filmed as Potter’s house only in the first series; but who cares, really? It’s Harry’s house, and nothing can beat it. Except, probably, the opportunity to tell anyone you meet: I live in Harry Potter’s house.
by Raina Shepeleva


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