Five of the Most Extravagant Celebrity Birthday Pa...

Five of the Most Extravagant Celebrity Birthday Parties

When you’re living the life of the rich and famous, the world is your oyster.  Everything seems to be so limitless, with every opportunity just dangling from your fingertips.  When you’re in the public eye, everything you do, every event you attend or host, finds a way to make into the textbooks of Hollywood History.

Even something as normal as a birthday party, can be turned into something completely over the top. And once you read about some of the things celebrities have done for their own birthday bashes, we guarantee you your head will spin. Like ours is right now (can somebody hit the brakes, please?).

Ready for this crazy ride?  Here are five of the most extravagant celebrity birthday parties.

Number One: Elton John’s 60th BirthdaymaxresdefaultSir Elton John has been responsible for many amazing accomplishments, including writing the scores and performing several songs from Disney’s “The Lion King,” performing at the funeral of the late Princess Diana, and has even sung with other artists, such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many others. For his 60th birthday, it has been stated that cost certainly was no issue, as he was believed to have spent $1.5 million dollars on the entire event.  Elton John even decided on a theme, black tie, and invited over 500 guests.  To name a couple: Sir Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart. But that’s not all.  The exclusive party itself was hosted at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in New York City.  This gothic cathedral is the largest of its kind in the entire world.

The singer even performed a few of his songs, most notably,” Something About the Way You Look Tonight,” at Madison Square Garden in dedication to his partner, David Furnish.  Elton and David tied the knot in 2005.

Number Two: Paris Hilton’s 21st Birthdaycww3buzvqaacqg_

Everyone knows 21 is the big one. Why? Because anyone turning this age can finally drink legally.  You’re taken to practically every bar in your town and let your friends buy you drink after drink. And a birthday party by none other than Paris Hilton herself?  Well, we are certain that has to be all levels of extravagant.

Ms. Hilton’s party carried over a whopping five days, each one in an entirely different place.  We’re talking London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  And as if that wasn’t enough, the guest list was filled with some of the world’s most well known individuals, such as P Diddy and Kris Jenner.  There was even a full spread buffet for the guests.  The entire party cost a grand total of $75,000 per guest that attended the event.

Number Three: Oprah Winfrey’s 50th Birthdayo-own-oprah-winfrey-show-50-birthday-facebookOprah Winfrey is an extremely well-known celebrity talk show host, and even has her own magazine.  So, with her status in life, and turning the big 50, it’s no wonder she wanted to celebrate her big day like no other. The guest list included A-list celebrities, including Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta and Tom Hanks.  Dr. Phil also made an appearance, and Tina Turner was even invited sing at the big birthday bash. It all began with a treat to a live taping of her show, and then it was off to the Bel Air Hotel for a nice women’s luncheon.

And the cake?  Don’t even get us started, but we will tell you it weighed 400 pounds! That, dear readers, is a lot of cake.

Number Four: Lindsay Lohan’s 20th Birthdayimage3Lindsay Lohan got her big break playing two roles in the 1998 Disney film “The Parent Trap,” (a remake of the 1961 film of the same name).  When she turned 20, she decided to celebrate no longer being a teenager by inviting good friends: Nicole Richie, Courtney Love, and Kate Bosworth, amongst many others, at a highly exclusive beach house located in Malibu.  No expense was spared for this birthday bash, as the total cost $100,000.

Number Five: Justin Bieber’s 19th BirthdaDjgiclhmBeliebers all around the world surely did everything they could to keep track of the details of Justin’s party, and we would like to say that it was one any Justin Bieber fan would have jumped at the chance to be able to attend. The singer’s birthday bash was held in London, and Bieber even chose a circus theme to celebrate his big day. Bieber was said to have spent $20,000 on the entire event, along with 20 of his friends. Birthdays are certainly a time to celebrate life on earth, and these five celebrities definitely know how to throw a party.

We’re going to try and find out exactly how to get on the guest list, but drop a note in the comments and let us know which party you thought was the most extravagant.

By Lia Salem



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