Five Chilling Urban Legends That’ll Keep You...

Five Chilling Urban Legends That’ll Keep You up at Night

Urban legends have been around for centuries.  They can be used to either teach a lesson, or just plain scare the very pants off of you.  Some urban legends even have a game attached to them where you can summon a ghost or a demon.

And the legends we have for you today?  Well, we looked very hard to make sure that we found ones that we’re pretty sure will scare you.

With that being said, turn off your lights (nightlights included) and let us present to you five chilling urban legends that’ll keep you up at night.

And we can attest to that, because they kept us up.

Number One: The Suscon Screamer



There is an old railroad bridge on Suscon Road, in Pennsylvania.  A local legend tells the story of an abandoned bride who committed suicide by hanging herself from the bridge.  Her ghost is said to still haunt the bridge to this very day.

There is a story that has circulated around the town where the cursed road is located.  If you’re daring enough, go ahead and park your car on the bridge.   Now place your keys on top. Look directly at the mirror and you’ll see her staring back at you.

Number Two: Blind Maiden



Blind Maiden is an urban legend that originated in Spain.  It is said to be a website that promises to deliver you an experience of unrivaled horror. As the legend goes, you can only access the site when three conditions are met: you have to be alone, there can be no light anywhere in your house, and it must be exactly midnight.

If you did all of these things correctly, you will be granted permission to enter the website.  Give yourself a pat on the back As soon as you’re in, images of people who’ve had their eyes ripped out, their faces locked in a silent scream, will fill your screen, like some twisted gore site. After that, a message will appear, asking you if you desire to experience ultimate horror.

If you click decline, you’ll be granted access to various galleries on the site.

Click accept, and there is no turning back.  Once you do, you will see a dark shadow on the monitor make its way to your house.  You’ll watch as it makes its way to your room.  Before you know it, you’ll see that shadow standing over your shoulder.  You’ll feel a tap, and when you turn around, you’ll see the blind maiden, staring back at you.

And she will be the last thing you ever see.

Number Three: Kuchisake Onna



Translates to: The Slit Mouthed or Severed Mouthed Woman.

There are many variations to the legend.  The most popular one  has it that she was once the beautiful wife of a powerful samurai.  However, when he found out that she was having an affair with another man, in a rage, he slit her mouth from ear to ear, resulting in a grotesque grin.

Her appearance is said to be that of a tall woman, with long black hair, sporting a brown trench coat and a surgical face mask (which is very common to see in Japan).

It is said that if you encounter her, she will walk up to you, and ask, “Am I pretty?” or “Am I beautiful?”  And from what you can see, she actually does look quite pretty. That is, until she rips off her mask revealing her frightening disfigurement.  Again, she will ask you, “Am I pretty now?”

Before you start to panic, there is a way to save your life.  However, here is what not to do: if you say yes, she’ll give you a smile just like hers, and if you say no, she will cut off your head.  You must give her a neutral answer, by saying, “You look average,”  or “You’re so-so.”  This will confuse her so much, that she will actually stop to think about your answer, giving you enough time to get away.

Oh, and don’t try to run away from her, before you trick her.  She will chase you down and slice you in half.

Number Four: La Llorona



The story of La Llorona, or the “Weeping Woman,” begins in Santa Fe (the story is known and told throughout the world, though), and has been an urban legend told by many parents to get their kids to behave.

There are many versions to the story, but every single one points to that La Llorona was a woman living in New Mexico, centuries ago.  As an act of revenge against her husband, she drowned their children in the river.  Realizing her horrible act, she jumped in to her own death.

She now roams the river bank, wailing, “Oh, my children!  Where are my children?”  If she comes across someone who is foolish to wander the river banks at night, she will kill them and claim them as her own.

And nobody is safe from the ghost of La Llorona.

Number Five: The White Death



We guarantee that after hearing this one, you’ll think twice before opening the door when you hear someone knocking.

In fact, we went ahead and locked our doors.

The White Death is an urban legend that originated in Mexico (although, other sources say Scotland), about a young girl who hated her very existence.  She hated it so much, that she committed suicide, and came back as a ghost to kill anyone who knew of her. Legend has it that she came back as a vengeful ghost, bent on anyone her knew of her.

What sort of urban legends did you grow up with?  Let us know in the comments!

Actually, hold off on that for a second, we thought we heard someone knocking.

By  Lia salem

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