Editor’s Choice; My Favorite Makeup Products...

Editor’s Choice; My Favorite Makeup Products Rn


     I guess you can say I am obsessed with buying makeup. Makeup is definitely a form of art, with your canvas being your face. It can allow a person to show their individuality and express who they are through their appearance. I don’t know about any of you, but I have my many insecurities. Ever since I was little I loved that makeup could help hide what I didn’t love about myself and enhance what I did. Preventing who I really am to hide behind the little things that made me less confident. Just like painting a picture, the tools you use can define the image you’re portraying. Therefore, the products you use while producing your artwork are v important. Here are my go-to products in creating my everyday facial masterpiece I’d like to call Kelsey.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum SPF 20


     This foundation is amazing. For those that want to enhance your complexion without the heavy, cake-like look, this is a great product. The light weight, sheer finish covers discoloration and evens skin tone without providing a noticeable unnatural layer. With just a couple drops around your face, this product glides across its surface with ease yet settles without movement. You look like you’re barely wearing any foundation at all, yet your complexion is undeniably perf. Not everyday is a great skin day and a very obvious breakout won’t disappear from such a light product, but when you don’t want or need that full-coverage, thick foundation look, this is your product.

cost: $53

Brand: Dior  

– I wear it in Medium Beige


24 Hour CC Spot Concealer


     One of my many personal insecurities is my facial moles. A couple months back, I went into Sephora asking for their best product to mask these annoying dots in certain areas of my face. The woman recommended this product. It has a medium to thin texture with a full coverage appearance. Once it’s placed in the desired spot and blended out, it dries in its place and stays without movement or loss of coverage. I usually place it over a freckle or mole and lightly tap until it is evened out. Then I quickly pressed a finishing or foundation powder on top of it and let it set. I wouldn’t say it is 24-hour coverage, but its the best product I have found and it hasn’t let me down so far!

Cost: $25

Brand: Smashbox

– I wear light-medium


Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing


     Like many other teenagers, my pores are a HUGE problem, literally. With my pimple-popping past and being a teenager in general, my pores are very evident in that they’re huge. I also have indentation-like scars from past pimples that vary in size and depth making my complexion far from godly. This product is used as a primer to fill the deep pores and indentations in your face and does its best to leave your skin with an even looking finish. Not every indentation is filled completely (especially the really big ones) but, for the most part, they are. Leaving you with a flawless, more attractive looking skin finish.

Cost: $39  

Brand: Smashbox

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz


     This one’s a given. Obviously, the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is my favorite brow pencil. It’s so natural looking and precise yet extremely defining. It blends easily into your brow and lasts almost all day. I’ve tried many different brow pencils but this one is the BEST.

Cost: $21

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills

– I use color Medium Brown

Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara


     I have a love/hate relationship with this product, yet I always find myself coming back to it. If you love very thick, black, full looking lashes (not very natural) this would be your safe haven. Better Than Sex has a great brush that really carries and releases the product well. I have been asked by many people if I was wearing fake lashes because they always look so thick and long. The only downside is the clumpiness (but, depending on your personal preference, like myself, you may love the “spider-like” lash look). This product varies in application quality as well because the brushes way of carrying the product can morph as you use it. I hate waterproof mascara because it’s very sticky and leaves the lashes motionless. Better Than Sex is the complete opposite of waterproof, with its natural and light finish allowing the lashes to flutter the “sexy” way they should. I’ve tried many mascaras in my day, but I always find myself coming back to Better Than Sex to give me my fake-like lash look.

Cost: $23

Brand: Too Faced

Kat Von D

Shade + Light Contour Palette

2015-07-14 14.00.46

     This is my holy grail product. This contour palette is amazing! I’ve tried soooooo many different contouring techniques/products…liquid, powder, pencil, high brand, cheap brand, high recommendation, high price, but this product is the best of the best. Its colors blend so well and have such an innovating, natural looking finish. The colors are not too warm like other bronzers, leaving the result with a cool undertone making the ideal shadow-like appearance for contouring. Basically, plastic surgery you can wipe off at the end of the day.

Cost: $46

Brand: Kat Von D


Ink Liner


     I have tried multiple eyeliners in search of making the perfect cat-eye. I use to use non- liquid (which we all prob know was not very helpful), along with brushes and tips of all different shapes. I found that with the stiff and short felt tip on the Makeup Forever, Ink Liner, I could make the perfect wing with its defining precision and flexibility. It also dries fast and instantly mattifies to unleash the dope look you’ve been searching for.

Cost: $23

Brand: Makeup Forever


Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette


     Not only is the packaging gorg, but the shadows colors and quality live up to the expectations. I fell in love with the first Tartelette palette because of its beautiful nude colors in matte. It was my go to product. Now that they released Tartelette in Bloom Clay, there is yet another array of colors to divulge. This palette is full of warm colors that you didn’t get in the last, as well as three sparkle shades. The three horizontal sections have 4 shadows vertically flowing across, each incorporating a specific tone all working together to create a beautiful look. My personal fav is the bottom row. I use Charmer (top left) to highlight my brow bone and Flower Child on my lid. I then work Sweetheart into my crease and a combination of Rebel and Leader in my outer v and below my waterline. These warm tones look great with many different eye colors and I love them with mine (blue/green). The shadows blend easily and last all day long. Def a must have!

Cost: $45

Brand: Tarte

Kat Von D

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Lip Duo via The Beauty Look Book

     I am a big Kylie Jenner fan, and what other than her lips comes to mind when you think of her makeup looks. She is known for her big pout she went under the needle for and overdrawing her lips, but also the colors she wears. NUDES( mainly matte)! They are v in and anytime Kylie would announce the color she would be wearing, that stick of lustifying product is sold out. I never had big lips and I loved the nude look but I could never get my hands on the perf shade. Kat Von D‘s Everlasting Liquid lipstick is a great product. It goes on with the ease of lip gloss but dries into a long lasting matte lipstick. Once it dries, it does not move and keeps its high-quality pigmentation. It also feels light, as if you were never wearing lipstick or gloss, to begin with. I loved the first color of the series I purchased (Vampira), because of how great it looked and felt, but it was a little dark of a color to wear every day. Kat’s newest color, Lolita II – terracotta nude, has both the color and quality I was looking for. I can wear it with just about anything and it looks great every time!

Cost: $20

Brand: Kat Von D

– I own Nosferatu – blood crimson, Lolita II – terracotta nude, and  Vampira – deep reddish burgundy


Tarteist™ Lip Paint and Lip Crayon


     Just like I said above, everyone’s a fan of the matte nude lip look, as well as lip liner. This new Lip Paint has a smooth and blend-able finish. Tarte made beautiful matte shades that look thick and Ultra pigmented, yet feel light and natural. They look amazing on and can be incorporated into various looks!


     – Lip Paint: $20

     – Lip Crayon( Liner): $18

Brand: Tarte

– My fav lip paint shade is  Tbt – mauve, with the lip crayon shade Latergram – mauve.



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