Fashion of the Past: Top Ten Best Dressed Female C...

Fashion of the Past: Top Ten Best Dressed Female Celebrities of 2016

2017 is here (really almost here.  In fact, by the time you read this, it will be 2017.  But, time has never stopped fashion from being admired and talked about), and we thought we’d celebrate that by counting down the top ten best dressed ladies of 2016.  Always fashion forward, these gals certainly know how to wear a gown that can turn heads, and we picked out the ten best ones just for you.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at what these leading ladies are wearing, here are the top ten best dressed female celebrities of 2016.

Number Ten: Katy Perry


Songbird Katy Perry attended the premier of Office Christmas Party, wearing sexy Cinq a Sept gown, a modernized version of the all too famous, “little black dress”.

And with a style that heads towards that famous “little black dress,” you know you can’t go wrong.

The gown is a midnight black, in the style of a halter.  Encircling Perry’s neck is a thick wreath of pearls.  A high slit can be seen riding up the dress, revealing one of her legs.

While we love many of Katy’s outfits that she’s worn throughout the years, but we really enjoy seeing a classy look on her, as well.


Number Nine: Naomi Watts


Watts is also wearing Armani, and we have to say the sapphire shade of blue does wonders for her hair and skin-tone.

The gown itself is strapless, and seems to sparkle under the bright lights.  The dress also had blue lines that covered the dress from top to bottom, cascading down the gown in wave like patterns.

We approve of this gown worn by Watts, and we think it’s one of the best looks she’s ever had.


Number Eight: Kerry Washington


Coming in at number eight is Kerry Washington, wearing Versace, at the 2016 Oscars.

The gown that Kerry had chosen to wear that this major ceremony certainly should do Versace proud.

The gown sports a black leather corset like top with two black straps sitting gracefully atop her slender shoulders.  Begin casting your eyes downward, and you’ll see two more black straps leading from the corset, all the way towards a long skirt.  A slit can be seen, rising high against one of Washington’s long legs, and the hem of the skirt flows outward like a river.

Kerry Washington is a very beautiful woman, and this gown only adds to that.


Number Seven: Gina Rodriguez


Rodriguez impressed all when she arrived at the 2016 Golden Globe Award, wearing Zac Posen.

The gown is a full and flowing off the shoulder midnight blue, that envelopes Rodriguez in an ocean of dark water.  The gown itself has no intricate designs, no traces of lace, and no decorations of delicate jewels (unless you count her earrings).

But Rodriguez’s exotic looks prove that she doesn’t need to wear overly flashy clothing to look impressive.


Number Six: Priyanka Chopra


We just had to add in some red into this list, and Priyanka Chopra delivers quite nicely in this stunning gown designed by Jason Wu.

And stunning it is.  The red gown flows magnificently around Chopra.  When designing this gown, Wu must have had a look in mind that said simple, yet sophisticated, and this masterpiece of his shows.  The gown itself has no straps, save for two that lie neatly on Chopra’s shoulder, sporting the ever popular one-shoulder look.

As if that wasn’t enough, when she raises her arm, Chopra can even bring out a section of the dress and hold it out with dramatic flair.

A nice shade of red, a stylish one shoulder look and filled with dramatic flair? We’re going to write to Jason Wu and ask him how we can get out hands in something like this.

Number Five: RaeLynn


Songstress Raelynn first came onto the scene when she auditioned for the voice, singing songs such as “Wake up Call,” by Maroon 5.  She ended up being on country music singer Blake Shelton’s team, and has even gone on tour with him.

The gown she’s wearing?  Well, we’re absolutely in love with it, as we think it resembles a winter wonderland.

The gown was designed by Paolo Sebastian, opting for a shade of silver for the entire ensemble.  The top section of the gown had been covered by silvery branches, entwining themselves all around Rae Lynn’s chest and stomach.  The sleeves were a very thin tulle like material, also covered by branches.  The sleeves were so thin, you’d think the branches of threaded silver provided the sleeves themselves.

The branches even traveled down to a floor length tulle skirt.

We have to say we like this style very much, and think more designers should jump on board.


Number Four: Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid once again dazzles us with another gown at the 2016 Met Gala.  This time, she’s wearing Tommy Hilfiger.

The design of the gown is, itself, unusual, but in a rather classy way.  It consists of a silver leotard that had has silver sequin like rectangle pieces sewn in, resembling a disco ball.  The top half of the leotard is strapless, and starting from the waist, traveling all the up to her slender neck, is a thin layer of tulle with a choker studded with sequins encircles her neck.

The skirt of the gown is made of a dark grayish-blue tulle.

Hadid certainly does look magnificent, but then again, we’re not surprised.


Number Three: Jennifer Aniston


Aniston wowed everyone in her form-fitting gown, designed by Saint Laurent, when she made an appearance at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards.  The gown, a spaghetti strap,  is of a light silver in color (in certain lighting, it looks light blue) and reaches the floor.  On the upper chest, lying across the straps, are a series of ruffles hanging delicately over the gown.  It also boasts a rather long slit, revealing a pair of silver stilettos.

We think is a great look and color for Aniston.


Number Two: Cate Blanchett


Another leading lady who attended the 2016 Oscars, here is Cate Blanchett in Armani.

The silhouette of the gown depicted a mermaid-like style: form-fitting the waist and then flowing outward at the knees.  The color of the gown, an ice blue, complimented Blanchett’s blonde hair quite nicely.  Delicate flowers, which sported the same color as the gown, had been intricately sewn in to every inch of the gown.  The neckline of the plunged downward in a v-shape that had a sexy yet conservative appeal.

Blanchett is considered by many to be one of the best actresses of this generation, and this gown should only be worn by a woman of her caliber.


Number One: Blake Lively


Lively showed up at the 2016 Met Gala in this gown, and we saw it, our jaws dropped.  Actually, we have yet to pick them up off the floor.

The beautiful gown was designed by Burberry.  What’s even more interesting, is that according to Christopher Bailey, a designer for Burberry, Lively had a hand in the creation of the gown.

And she’s got very good taste.  The gown is a floor length, light pink gown made of sheer satin, and sports a sweetheart neckline.  A long cape, matching the same color and material of the rest of the gown had been added, starting from her armpits, and flaring out to the floor, creating a regal looking train. Red roses dot the gown in various places, and can be seen climbing up the cape.

We absolutely love this style on Lively.  It makes her look both beautiful and regal all at once, and we also praise her for having a hand in designing it.  Perhaps she could take up a career in fashion.


In honor of 2017, those were the top ten best dressed female celebrities of 2016.  Each gown was a beautiful creation, and we can’t wait to see what these ladies will be wearing next.


By Lia Salem

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