Fashion Mistakes Men Will Trend in 2019

Fashion Mistakes Men Will Trend in 2019

When it comes to looking great in 2018, take everything you think of as a no-no, give it a confident, DGAF twist, then bring it right back into your closet. From nerd jeans to sleeze-ball shirts and dad-socks, there’s a right way to wear the wrongest things if you pay attention to the cues designers left on the runways—and don’t doubt yourself for a second. Here, 5 such examples and how to work them into your own wardrobe next year.

High Water Pants


Urkel pants came in all shapes and forms on the 2017 menswear runways, allowing weird socks, ankle tattoos, and killer shoes to take really stand out. For a wearable take on the trend try a durable drill cotton pant, which has a no-nonsense, construction worker feel, paired with high-top sneakers.

Blousy, Boxy Tops


Warm-Weather Socks


From sporty to preppy to straight-up trippy, statement crew-length socks have all but elbowed out the bare-ankle look that has dominated for years. That said, don’t feel like you have to go full off-the-clock dad in shorts and sandals. Socks with chinos and loafers are cool too.

Loud Prints


Designers did not hold back when it came to prints. To update your own wardrobe, ditch stripes in favor of Mick Jagger or David Bowie-worth motifs like cheetah, camo, and check—then wear two at the same time. Clashing is encouraged.

“Feminine” Colors


Pink, purple, metallic red, duckling yellow, lily-pad green. The 2018 collections have every gender-bending, off-kilter color imaginable, sometimes two or three at a time. We say pick one that complements your skin tone and go all in buying it in trouser, shirt, and jacket form.

by Cynthia Lowell

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