Experience an unforgettable Sunrise Hot Air Balloo...

Experience an unforgettable Sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride in Melbourne!

The experience of a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Melbourne is something one should definitely experience when visiting Melbourne. It’s truely a world-class experience!

There are few major cities around the world where you can traverse by hot air balloon; and there’s no better way to see the world’s most livable city.

Sail the breeze besides sparkling skyscrapers and follow the Yarra River as it unwinds through parks and gardens.

For an hour, it’s just you and the sky. This is what freedom feels like; you have nowhere to be but here! As Melbourne is just waking up, you could already be crossing something off your bucket list!

The ride offers a 365 degree view of the city, which is perfect for sightseeing landmarks such as Eureka, MCG and Port Philip Bay.

Eureka Tower

Port Philip Bay

The baskets include cushioning around the inside for comfort as well as rope handles when in the landing position.

The ballons provide a safe, comfortable experience which meets the standards of CASA. Usually up to 5 balloons are flown at any one time over Melbourne.

Each basket can hold a 10 passengers but children under the age of 7 years old are unable to fly due to safety regulations.

So if you are looking for a romantic soft adventure that gives you a peek at city life from a totally different angle, then ballooning over Melbourne is a must.


-Karen Bahri

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