Exciting Ways to Style the Boater Hat – Accessory ...

Exciting Ways to Style the Boater Hat – Accessory for Formal Wears

The boater hat is a formal summer hat for men, but it is also available in some feminine designs. In most instances, it is a straw hat with a striped or solid grosgrain ribbon. It was very popular for sailing and boating in the 19th and 20th century, and this is where it gets its name. Although most men prefer to wear it for outdoor summer activities, it can still form a fantastic accessory for formal wears.

Below is a gallery of different ways of styling this beautiful hat.

Boater with Vintage Suit.

This gorgeous hat has a black ribbon with white stripes on the crown, and it pairs with the retro three-piece suit with a double breasted waistcoat to create a refined look.

Unique Glasses and Hat

Sometimes a simple hat design is just enough as it can still give you an adorable appearance if you pair it with some special glasses like these and an old school suit for a perfect summer look.

Hat, Bowtie, and Suspenders

The stylish hat with a cute ribbon, dotted bowtie and suspenders are an excellent combination, and they are perfect for a man that wants to wear a distinct vintage look.

The Color Block

This elegant appearance it about color blocking and you can create it with a blue shirt, black dress pants and boater with a black and red ribbon.

Simple and Classy

A relaxed summer look like this one will make any man look and feel good. It combines a blue striped shirt, khaki pants, brown dress shoes and a vintage boater

Black Crown Ribbon and Tie

When wearing this hat, you do not have to do much to give it a stylish look. In this design, you only need to have a black ribbon on the crown to pair with the black tie and suit

Classic Gentleman

As simple as this look might be, it still creates an impressive gentleman look. It entails combining a simple boater with a bright bowtie, a stripped jacket, and khaki pants.

The Color Block

This look is very easy to pull, but it is still an attractive summer appearance. It entails pairing a boater with a brown ribbon with a waistcoat and dress trousers.

Casual Beach look

The black and gold ribbon on this boater hat gives it an attractive look, and it pairs with the blue bandanna and red casual shirt to create a lovely outdoor outfit.

Retro Party Look

This look is what you would expect to see most men wearing for parties in the 19th and 20th century. It comprises of a boater, a fancy tie, and an unstructured suit.

Cool and Refined Look

A man with a fresh and polished outfit like this one will always stand out from the crowd. The style combines a skimmer that has a brown ribbon with a simple bow tie and dress shirt and pants.

Stylish Jacket and Coat

Everything from the fit of this jacket to the color and pocket square is stylish and accessorizing it with a relaxed boater will make you look majestic.

Boater Jacket and Hat with Linen Pants

This look is what you should have when sailing in summer or attending some formal events. It pairs a boater jacket and hat with some white linen pants and bowtie to give the man an adorable summer outfit.

Sack coats are the ultimate definition of the vintage look, and this is more so if it is a three button and with a lovely color like this one. It combines with the skimmer hat to give the man a timeless vintage design. The boater hat might be a retro headdress, but it will always make a gentleman look classy and refined. Whether you are attending a formal event or you just want to enjoy sailing in the summer, it is the perfect accessory for you. And with the styles above in mind, you will have endless ideas on how to wear it.

By Cynthia Lowell

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