Current Most Popular Superfood

Blueberries have dethroned avocados and kale as the most popular superfood, according to a new study. The antioxidant-rich berry topped the list of healthy foods flying off grocery shelves, beating out its greener contemporaries.

Recent studies found that among consumers actively looking to purchase superfoods, a total of 63 percent were looking for blueberries, out-beating avocado and kale purchasers. (60 percent for avocados and just 44 percent sought out kale.)

Berries have a very high antioxidant capacity. There has been quite a lot of research done on blueberries and their effect on improving cognitive function.


Of course, we all know to add a variety of different fruits and vegetables in our diet as each are important. Variety is important and crucial for a balanced diet and optimal health. Having proteins and fats with every meal is important to help balance blood sugar and enhance absorption.

It is great knowing the deliciously sweet berry has topped the charts though! There are many ways to add more blueberries in your diet; including shakes & smoothies, mixed in with yogurt, oats, granola or even in salads! Blueberries are also more universally available and inexpensive.

-Karen Bahri


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