Cristiano Ronaldo: Fashion Icon

Cristiano Ronaldo recently raised his Ballon d’Or trophy (French for Golden Ball) to an entranced audience in Paris. That is, the Portuguese reclaimed his throne as the best soccer player in Europe ahead of Argentine Lionel Messi.

The genius of Ronaldo on the field can only be rivaled by his dedication to becoming a multidimensional global superstar. His underwear fashion line continues to draw worldwide attention. One only needs to watch a few hours of television to encounter the clever commercial he created in partnership with cable and Internet provider Altice USA.

The commercial opens with Cristiano Ronaldo (or CR7) managing to get locked out of his hotel room in only his underwear. Luckily, a nearby maid uses her universal key to let him back inside, but not before snapping a photo of him and sending it to everyone in her network. Suddenly, we see an explosion of likes, shares, comments, and emojis online. Back in his hotel room, Ronaldo starts buttoning his white shirt and sees a reporter on TV comment on the photo the maid took, and he laughs in an “are you kidding me?” kind of way.

On the official CR7 website the underwear ranges from a more classic white style to camouflage to a more modern and dramatic style. The waistband can exhibit the text “CR7” or “Cristiano Ronaldo” based on preference. Overall, the designers have gone for a simple, but elegant look.

Photo Credits: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley, imagestockdesign, and Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley respectively /

By: Kishan Patel


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