Bvlgari’s Le Gemme Collection For Men

Bvlgari’s Le Gemme Collection For Men

Bulgari’s Le Gemme men cologne collection takes its inspiration from the colorfulness and majesty of the precious gemstones (you can tell it from the title Le Gemme). The collection features six different fragrances, each one named after the precious stone it was inspired by Ambero , Garanat, Gyan, Malakeos, Onekh, and Tygar. Each of them has been created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier who interpreted the gemstones into the captivating scents.


This oriental woody scent was inspired by the amber shield of Phoenician god, Melkart. This perfume features notes of vetiver root, ginger, pink pepper, saffron and Olibanum incense. The scent is warm, rich, earthy and very sensual.



A dense, spellbinding swirl of ardent masculine Rose and smoked chiaroscuro Incense. Essence of Damascena Rose and Rose Absolute from Grasse entwined with pure, noble smoked Incense create a mesmerizing fragrance of supreme masculine force.





This is oriental oud fragrance was inspired by the Malacensis Oud from Laos (that is supposedly more expensive than gold). This unique perfume has blended the Labdanum and amber resin to create an addictive and whimsical scent inspired by the blackest onyx.`

Tygar is an ambery citrus fragrance that refers to the tiger’s eye stone. The fragrance features sparkling notes of Grapefruit, deep woody scent and Ambrox (a natural reconstitution of Ambergris). This perfume is adamant and will inspire you for the adventures.


All shades of green in the malachite stone and its healing power were incorporated into this clean and natural scent. The mix of Minty Geranium, Lavender, Oakmoss, Musk and Guaiac Wood will take you on the adventure into the woods.
Indonesian patchouli, jasmine, and incense mixed together created a very sophisticated and aristocratic masculine fragrance inspired by the blue sapphires of Kashmir. This perfume has a strong woody scent is seductive but elegant and mysterious.

by Raina Shepeleva

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