2019 The Year of Blue Wine?

Rosé is now a thing of the past. Move over. There’s a blue wine in town now.

Have you ever seen blue wine?  This blue wine is from a Spanish company called Gik Live.  Does it have blue dye or food coloring you ask?  No, they state that the vibrant blue is all natural coming from the natural pigmentation found in the one and only, grapes.  This gorgeous cobalt blue wine is made from a mixture of French and Spanish red AND white wines.  

Although the company doesn’t talk about the fermentation process and how exactly the color blue is drawn out, we’ll keep it as a trade secret for now. The blue wine was just approved this past summer to be sold in the USA after rave reviews throughout Europe. So sad that New York has not approved this wine to be sold in the city yet, but hopefully soon. In the meantime you can preorder your own bottle(s) online and be the talk of the party. Get your cameras ready.

All photos courtesy of Gik Live

By Ada Hsieh


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