“Blue Innocence” by Evgenia Luzhina

“Blue Innocence” by Evgenia Luzhina

Another marvelous collection at the Couture Fashion Week show this season was by Moscow native Evgenia Luzhina.

Evgenia Luzhina’s vibrant new high fashion dress collection blends Russian ferocity and Western calm, in a royal palette of blue mixed with gold and white. In addition to the elegant gowns, the jewelry for the collection is made from recycled materials.

As a costume designer for the last 30 years, Luzhina has worked for numerous theaters in Russia and the USA, creating costumes for over 50 plays.

Ms. Luzhina has participated in many prestigious fashion events including Couture Fashion Week New York, and Washington DC’s Presidential Inauguration Fashion Shows. Her designs have won critical acclaim in both local and national publications, on radio and television, including being featured in Collezioni Haute Couture magazine.


-Karen Bahri


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