Beautiful Handcrafted Dresses By French Designer S...

Beautiful Handcrafted Dresses By French Designer Sylvie Facon

Fashion, with its primary function of personality expression, has shown us some pretty marvelous works of art in clothes design through the years. And though we’ve even seen dresses lowered into the Dead Sea, these gowns surprised the wardrobe out of us. French creator and fashion designer Sylvie Facon sews dresses from fabrics that she has created and with such attention to detail, they would steal any catwalk.

The designer gowns crafted by Facon ranges from very romantic lacework to high fashion dresses made from book spines, highlighting the incredible versatility of the dress designer skills. Craftsmanship without a fantasy couldn’t conceive such dreamy and one of a kind garments, but in Sylvie’s case, there’s no lack of creativity in her work.

Scroll down to check the designer dresses even Cinderella would envy.

She worked on the dresses with costume designer Morgane E. Grosdemange, and the steampunk-inspired garment highlights the incredible versatility of Facon’s skills. And the clothes even Cinderella would envy.

By DeAnn Harte

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