Haute Review – Apple’s Smart Speaker

Haute Review – Apple’s Smart Speaker

Eyeball whiplash – the sensation one experiences in this age of rapidly developing technology. Yes, I just made that up, but I certainly feel my eyes darting around webpages while browsing a range of shiny new gadgets on the market.

Smart speakers constitute just one portion of these gadgets, and they listen to your voice to process requests. Of course, if you’re already familiar with smart speakers, you’ll have heard about the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod. Some people will argue tooth and nail in favor or against a given product, and others say with great conviction that a smart speaker investment boils down to personal choice.

I have to agree with the latter sentiment, especially considering how all three of the products I mentioned have their strengths and (relative) weaknesses. However, I’d like to dive into the Apple HomePod, given its release this month.

Apple has carved a niche for itself within the technology industry. The gadgets, with few exceptions, are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

I love the beautiful design of this smart speaker. The glowing light at the top catches the eye and the simplistic design could blend in seamlessly into a modern home. After all, the evolution of technology will inevitably select for sleeker designs.

When you want to set up the device, I kid you not; one only needs to hold their phone nearby the smart speaker to begin wielding the power of the 21st century. Then, numerous commands are accessible through your voice such as “play a fast song” or “set a timer for 27 minutes.”

Most impressively, the HomePod can determine where you’ve placed it within a room. With this feature, the sound projects so that the acoustics are optimized. As a result, the speakers are crisp and refuse to allow any form of “muddling” to occur.

In comparison to the Google Home and Amazon Echo, the HomePod naturally has areas where it could improve. My understanding is that the other two devices offer more powerful Internet searches (Google Home) or the ability to shop online (Amazon Echo) by using your voice. Additionally, the Google Home and Amazon Echo tend to offer compatibility with a variety of smart home systems.

Like I mentioned before – personal preference!

By: Kirshan Patel

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