A Review of The New York Times Travel Show

A Review of The New York Times Travel Show

For the last weekend in January, I had the privilege of conversing with people from all over the world. That is, the Javits Center in NYC hosted The New York Times Travel Show where travel agents, journalists, industry leaders, and members of the general public celebrated the travel industry together.

Despite the shire volume of space required for the Travel Show, the Javits Center also hosted the New York Boat Show over the same weekend. Therefore, on a given day, you had to choose between the two events. Personally, I preferred the Travel Show, but whatever floats your boat.

Cringeworthy jokes aside, the main attraction of the Travel Show, like the Tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park, was the plethora of exhibits. Hundreds of travel professionals each design their own exhibit, which details their travel products. I felt like a boy watching snow fall for the first time when I looked around the expansive showroom.

As I circled the cruise section of the showroom, I was impressed with the Norwegian Cruise Line exhibit. Apparently, their ships travel to destinations all over the world not limited to Chile, Australia, and the Caribbean. Most notably, I learned that “The Haven” sits atop their main ship. This special part of the ship offers a personal concierge and a 24-hour butler. The company also seems to push their ability to cater to every customer, which is evident through their solo travel studios, family suites, and “up-to-eight” guest suits.

In the Central and South America section, I found the representative for the Springs Resort in Costa Rica. We enjoyed some banter in Spanish before he walked me through the hotel’s most appealing aspect. There’s an incredible view of the Arenal Volcano in addition to nearby hot and cold springs. Don’t worry, the complex remains outside of the volcano’s danger zone!

Offering a completely different vacation was Quark Expeditions. Perhaps my personal favorite exhibit of the event, the company went into detail about their adventures in both the Arctic and Antarctic. I know – this isn’t exactly a beach vacation, but the nature and programs on display were excellent. In Antarctica, Quark will take you to see a variety of penguin species, whales, and seals. You’ll also have the chance to kayak and see magnificently shaped icebergs while listening to your paddle pushing through water.

In the Arctic, Quark Expeditions integrated a professional photographer into their team. He utilizes his arsenal of photography techniques to teach travelers how to best capture canyons, waterfalls, and wildlife. If possible, you’ll want to snap pictures of arctic foxes, polar bears, and walruses. To see more of the Arctic, the company invested in all-terrain vehicles as well as introductory lessons for beginners.

I also stopped by the Russia exhibits, especially when some Russian dolls caught my eye.

The spokesperson from GrandRus Tours revealed a variety of options for those interested in a trip to Russia. For example, eight days in Moscow and Saint Petersburg cover the sights that most travelers wish to see. For example, if you’re like me, you picture Saint Basil’s Cathedral upon mention of Russia.

In Saint Petersburg, the tour company will guide you through Nevsky Prospect, which boasts excellent shopping sites, nightlife, and monuments.

Photo Credits: Harold Stiver, Sean Pavone, Alfonso de Tomas, Nickolay Stanev, Evenfh, Christopher Wood, Vaclav Sebek, Anonymous, Reidl, and Ev Safronov respectively /

By: Kishan Patel


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