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Summer may be approaching us very quickly but it’s never too late to start planning vacations ahead of time. Now that it is spring here’s some great places you may want to add to your bucket for not only Spring but Summer or even fall.

Marrakesh, Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a diverse country with an easily recognizable and rich culture. However, when you look closely, Morocco is also a melting pot of foreign influences. The geographic position of Morocco and its history have resulted in a complex web of cultural contributions. Moroccans are extremely proud of this fact and thus view their country as open and welcoming. Apart from the recent and obvious French influence, Morocco has a strong connection to Spain. The cultural hub in the heart of the north African country is right in the center of an artistic renaissance.  The city has an opening of a YSL museum that is dedicated to the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and on top of that has a launch of  a high-profile African art fair. These galleries have added prominent gallery spaces, having a higher standing for the city’s reputation of artists and writers.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans city, southeastern Louisiana, U.S. Unquestionably one of the most distinctive cities of the New World, New Orleans was established at great cost in an environment of conflict. Its strategic position, commanding the mouth of the great Mississippi-Missouri river system, which drains the rich interior of North America, made it a pawn in the struggles of Europeans for the control of North America. As a result, the peoples of New Orleans evolved a unique culture and society, while at the same time blending many heritages. Its citizens of African descent provided a special contribution in making New Orleans the birthplace of jazz. New Orleans has rejuvenated since the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The city has had many investments in the arts, music, dining, and hospitality. Tourists and residents that have interests in similar things may stumble into citywide art shows. Mardi Gras which is in February has not lost it’s touch, and many come for that event as well. Besides the fact of the amazing hospitality, the most tempting is it’s food district known for having an electric mix of creole and Cajun- foods.


Favored by honeymooners, this beach-studded chain of islands in the South Pacific is big on private island retreats. Turtle Island stays in traditional, eco-friendly “bures,” each with a personal staff member to indulge whims and arrange candlelight dinners on the sand. Who doesn’t want a quite vacation away from bustling tourists? Fiji now has a crop of luxury resorts that opened in 2018. With private beaches, crystal clear beaches, and villas Fiji is definitely.  worth the price. Need I say more? A few times a year, the resorts breaks tradition with “Family Time,” inviting kids, parents, and grandparents to reconnect in paradise.

The Bahamas

Two hours from Miami, this constellation of 360 islands and cays is an obligatory port of call for seekers of the unspoiled Caribbean. The water swirls every shade of turquoise, and in it swims sharks, stingrays, dolphins, turtles, and pigs (yes, pigs) on Big Major Cay. You can spend a week kayaking, exploring, and camping on isolated and uninhabited islands with the family-owned. If four walls are more your travel style, the pastel-hued Hideaways in George Town is the place to sleep, and listen to local rake ‘n’ scrape music If you thought the Bahamas was already an amazing place to travel, I’s even better now with the opening of numerous resorts. A multi billion-dollar hotel and casino in Nassau will be fully open and operational in Spring/Summer. However, you don’t need to be right in the mix of luxury to enjoy the island. The local Paradise Island to stay at the Ocean Club Resort.

Affordable Vacation on Croatia's Dalmatian CoastThe Dalmatian Coast

Skip the overexposed island of Hvar for the walled medieval village on the Adriatic island of Korcula, purported home to Marco Polo. Korcula is more of a day-trip destination, and that means the tourist crowds thin considerably by sundown, leaving those who remain to relax in the cafés and stroll the narrow alleys. While every old city in Europe has an Old City historic district, Split has the only downtown actually carved from the carcass of an ancient Roman palace. When the emperor Diocletian split the Roman Empire in A.D. 305, he built a lavish palace on the Croatian coast to live out his days as head of the empire’s eastern half. In the 1,700 years since, the ruins of his enormous structure have been colonized by the locals, the buildings turned into medieval town houses, and the emperor’s tomb transformed into the cathedral.

Monaco travelMonaco and Cannes, French Riviera

The tiny country of Monaco on the Mediterranean coast’s French Riviera has earned a reputation as a favorite destination for the rich and famous, and its luxury hotels, yachts, boutiques, and restaurants are testaments to the exclusive tastes of many of its visitors. This year, the Monaco Grand Prix will be held from May 23-26, with Formula One cars racing through the narrow twisting streets of Monte Carlo around Monaco’s harbor. The Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlothis offers views of the auto race and an opportunity to “drive the course” behind the wheel of an F1 racecar at the Circuit du Luc track in Provence. The opulent Casino de Monte-Carlothis is a must-see even if you don’t plan to play French Roulette, Baccarat, or Black Jack. Prince Rainier III, who married American actress Grace Kelly, commissioned a Japanese garden for visitors to see its pond, islands, waterfall, lanterns, bridges, tea house, and Zen garden. Browse the designer shops and over-the-top décor at the Metropole Shopping Mall. If you have the luxury of an extended stay on the French Riviera, consider a side trip to Cannes, about an hour away. This year’s Cannes Film Festival will take place from May 14-25, with Hollywood stars and upcoming films. A room at the Hotel Barriere Le Majestic would put you in the middle of the action for both relaxing on the beach and celebrity spotting.

Botswana travelBotswana, Africa

Located in the central area of the southern part of the continent, Botswana is landlocked and nearly 400 miles from the nearest coast. May begins the country’s dry season, with warm days and cool nights, most amendable to visitors. A stable, independent nation since 1966, Botswana has natural wealth and commitment to its environment and wildlife, setting aside about 40 percent of the country for wildlife. The Okavango Deltathis a “wetland” within a flat desert, is home to African elephants as well as abundant wildlife and flora. It includes water channels and lagoons originating from the floodwaters of Angola. The surrounding Kalahari Desert includes the Central Kalahari Game Reserve this one of the largest protected areas in Africa and home to the Bushman people. In northern Botswana, the Linyanti area is known for the Savute Channel, famous for wildlife, especially elephants during the dry season. Chobe National Parkthis, with herds of elephants, hundreds of bird species, antelopes, and predators offers an extensive range of lodging from camping to luxury lodges.Stockholm travelStockholm, Sweden

If the idea of taking a coffee and cake break with friends at least once a day sounds good to you, you might enjoy visiting Sweden, where “fika” (pronounced fee-ka) is almost a required ritual. More than just a coffee break, fika is part of the socializing culture you’ll find when you travel to this Scandinavian country. You’ll also find public art in the Stockholm Metro this subway stations, with displays of mosaics, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Weather will most likely be in the 50s, so have warm clothing because you’ll want to explore Skansen the world’s oldest outdoor museum. It’s a perfect starting point to learn about Sweden’s history, traditions, and holidays. There’s a zoo, aquarium, gardens, restaurants, taverns, and bakeries. Be sure to visit Gamla Stanthis (old town), dating to the 1200’s, and enjoy boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and the medieval atmosphere of its winding streets. The baroque Royal Palace is the home of Sweden’s king and queen as well as a museum. Be sure to check the schedule for the impressive changing of the Royal Guards. The Vasa Museum is home to a Swedish battleship that sunk in 1628 on its maiden voyage. It was recovered in 1961 and is on display along with thousands of incredibly preserved artifacts.

By John Cicioni

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